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Biotene is taken for: Dry Mouth Mouth Sores


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Taken for: Dry Mouth, Mouth Sores
Other names: Biotene Dry Mouth
Method of use: Dental Product, Pill
Category: Dietary supplement
Biotene (typeset as biot ne) is a dental hygiene product manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. It comes in a number of forms, inc...
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Biotene for Dry Mouth
14,908 conversations around the web about Biotene to help you make a decision
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Biotene & Thrush

573 discussions around the web mention both
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We found 573 discussions
" ...thrush is caused by a ...MO can prescribe something. Yogurt and probiotics are supposed to help prevent it. I've had thrush each TX even though ...mouth sores. I use the biotene mouth rinse t... "

" Try Biotene mouthwash. That takes away and keeps all the nasty bugs away in my mouth. It took my thrush away and I am sure ...any walgreens. I also use the toothpaste. edited to add: If... "

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" Biotene works well, so does ACT and ...after every use til you are free of thrush and I'd do it for ...that you will keep reinfecting yourself. And get the diflucan. It works in a day, max... "

" Risa, Can I get the Biotene products at Publix? I will know how the Biotene works for me. LB, I have been ...I eat, but I have noticed the reoccurring of thrush so I've been ve... "

" ...thrush for 2 1/5 years. Nystatin Swish and Swallow, the lozenges, and Chlorhexadine would work for a time but it would always come right back. Finally I broke down and took some Diflucan ...use ... "

" ...seem to understand Sjorgens. I take Pilocarpine tabs which stimulate saliva production and also have Nystatin to treat thrush infections which can make home. I use the Biotene mouthwash,... "

" ...if I got Thrush from using Biotene ...the prednisone . Started the biotene on Tuesday, noticed the thrush on thurday. My dentist... "

" ...did have thrush in ...Biotene. After using Biotene for a few days the thrush was history. I ne... "

" ...take acidolphilus daily and brush my tongue and never get thrush. Too much sugar ...out too. I love biotene mouth wash ...not docummented that Biotene can help thrush but for me ... "

" ...I also use biotene gel and have a mouth rinse called reBalance that I use several times a day. The one thing that seems to give me the most pain relief is liquid Maalox. I swish it around and hold ... "

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