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Biotene is taken for: Dry Mouth Mouth Sores


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Taken for: Dry Mouth, Mouth Sores
Other names: Biotene Dry Mouth
Method of use: Dental Product, Pill
Category: Dietary supplement
Biotene (typeset as biot ne) is a dental hygiene product manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. It comes in a number of forms, inc...
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Biotene for Dry Mouth
14,908 conversations around the web about Biotene to help you make a decision
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6 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

What people say about Biotene and Sore Tongue ?

#12 in Biotene discussions - 74 posts discuss Sore Tongue with Biotene.
We found 74 discussions
" ...get canker sores, I suffer greatly from sore tongue (possibly due to medications which cause dry mouth)I cannot use toothpaste with SLS in it. ...I don't care for Biotene & it's real expenisive.... "

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" soon. I have seen photos of mucositis and now am ...a day. Also use Biotene to rinse with. I you all think works best Mugard or Caphosol for mouth/tongue sores? Do they work if t... "

" ...during treatment including the biotene mouth wash ...also had sore tongue but it ...time. Last 3 tx I sucked on ice during treatment and my tongue was spared. Paula I too have gained water ... "

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" ...don't use Biotene toothpaste for the same ...regular toothpaste, I rinse with Biotene mouthwash. A sore tongue can be a sign of ...Sjogrens and is, yes, another autoimmune problem. Here are... "

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" ...a little tired. I had some insomnia as they pumped steroids ...more normal. I also had a very sore tongue and mouth but rinsing with ...and brushing my teeth with Biotene took care of that.... "

" ...has had trouble with a sore tongue and dry mouth when ...and found a mouthwash called \"Biotene\". It's made for dry mouth ...Listerine type mouthwashes. They also have a toothpaste but SWIM ... "

" a 2nd ENT who knew about BMS but did not think it was related to WLS, that it was more likely related to menopause and perhaps some type of hormonal deficiency. He told me to brush w/Biotene... "

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" ...the shower! Change of topic slightly - I have a bit of a sore tongue - no other symptoms - is this the start ...water and have just found biotene mouthwash at the pharmacy -... "

" ...soggy Weetabix without having a coughing fit. I'm afraid ...a nuisance some days. I find that Biotene products can help especially the saliva replacement now! It's my sore tongue that I... "

" ...of gel called (biotene) which gives you saliva by rubbing it on your tongue and around the mouth and has helped me a lot with my dryness problem `although now i`m getting a very sore tongue which i... "

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