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(Ventricular bigeminy)
Bigeminy (Latin: Bi-Two Gemini-twins) is a descriptor for a heart cardiac arrhythmia in which abnormal heart beats occur every other c...
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1,904 conversations around the web about Bigeminy to help you make a decision
1,904 conversations around the web about Bigeminy to help you make a decision
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Bigeminy & Heart Disease

3.73% of the posts that mention Bigeminy also mention Heart Disease (71 posts)
Heart Disease
We found 71 discussions
" I get bigeminy and trigeminy quite often and ...time. I also have been found lately to have some mild underlying heart issues so I'm not sure how different that would make... "

" many of us have one heart condition or another. I have pvc's ...caused by a virus that damaged my heart. I don't feel them too ...the low 40's when I am in bigeminy and my doctor caught... "

" ...come in strings and I am frequently in bigeminy where it beats twice quickly ...humid Arkansas weather. I had constant PVC's for a week before clue i had heart trouble back then and co... "

" here who gets bigeminy? I know smoking is bad for heart disease but does anybody know ...cause arrythmias like bigeminy? Any one... "

" ...and counting! I get major palpitations, chest pain, shortness ...awful. I had heavy pains in both's associated with my heart issues. I've had a monitor showing I have bigeminy and tri... "

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" ...trigeminy, sometimes even bigeminy, then sometimes just ...some lightheadedness. (The PVCs were confirmed on a 24 ...old and have a strong family history of heart disease. Is this rhythm... "

" ...I definitely want vitals, that bigeminy concerns me for apparent ventricular ...pericardial effusion/tamponade pretty quickly. His ischemic cardiac disease, diastolic dysfunction, pHTN, and inc... "

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" ...and some PAC's and they are usually in bigeminy or trigeminy. I only sense ...intercostal muscles compensating for my sore back. My question is: Is are having REAL heart trouble ie... "

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" ...have a few PVC's, I have had the whole range of test, with no underlying heart condition. I was given the ...heart was in ventricular bigeminy and that it would subside after the Bentyl was out... "

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" ...having bigeminy, ...When my wife gets the bigeminy for minutes at a time, sometimes she says it makes her feel funny; or could that possibly be just from the fear and adrenaline that it causes?... "

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