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Beta Blockers

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158 conversations around the web about Beta Blockers to help you make a decision
158 conversations around the web about Beta Blockers to help you make a decision
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Beta Blockers & Yogurt

We found 158 discussions
" ...take a low dose of Metoprolol, but have noticed a strong ...dinner either. Of course: no smoking, no booze, no sugar ...of ice cream or frozen yogurt, and small treats randomly. Gotta... "

" ...migraines are hormonal, I ...they last two days.Zomig gets rid of the pain and nausea. I, calcium, multivitamin, fishoil atenolol,bcpills,( for migrainerelief ) stillon canasa ston... "

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" ...1cup of fatfree organic yogurt for the probiotics,I take that 3xday.Now at nite,I take 75mg volteran,25mg zanaflex,75mg of doxepin,and 12mg of a beta-blocker to keep my pulse/pressure... "

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" ...was so scared and i was shaking and literally just had i had taken a beta blocker and a zoloft n an in 24 hours a yogurt and a plum. but allllllllllllllllllllll... "

" ...a prayer. As far as food, I have to give a presentation today, so I'm sticking with yogurt so I won't vomit all over the podium, and taking my Inderal to steady my racing heart and sweaty... "

" ...with my coffee, bye bye yogurt, so long cheese, hasta la ...take four meds (metformin, crestor, metoprolol and captopril) plus omeprazol for ...of calcium and anything but yogurt to keep yo... "

" ...easy to get eggs, cheese, yogurt when eating out? I won't ...present difficulties in keeping up with the group. My apha/beta blocker further adds to the walking problem. Is it difficult... "

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" ...Didn't you just switch bb to metoprolol (sp?)? That can cause D. The other issue is your continuing upper respiratory problems. I often have ...probiotics - I eat yogurt. And, of course,... "

" ...drinking milk, ensure and vanilla yogurt. But since now I noticed ...tachycardia so I take a beta blocker, but that doesn't help my ...condition) Also, I just started Lexapro 2 weeks ago for... "

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" ...over 50's, i was given lexapro to help higher my ...pass out. i was given metoprolol for tachycardia. what made me ...sugar, too much caffeine, pickles, yogurt, sausage, bananas, ch... "

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