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Nausea (Latin nausea, from Greek language , nausi , "motion sickness", feeling sick," queasy or "wamble"), is a sensation of u...
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Common Nausea treatments discussed around the web
Zofran 49,716 Anti-Nausea 12,848 Phenergan 12,166
2,594,347 conversations around the web about Nausea to help you make a decision
2,594,347 conversations around the web about Nausea to help you make a decision
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Beta Blockers & Nausea

We found 4,683 discussions
" ...I'm supposed to take my beta blocker in an hour but nervous ...ahold of my shrink. Ugh. I feel sick to my... "

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" ...has anyone had severe nausa & dehydration? beta blockers? I've had IV fluids twice in three weeks and can't shake this nausa. Makes me no... "

" ...take 25 mg. of metoprolol daily, a beta blocker like propranolol, and I get a nauseous/queasy sensation from time to... "

" ...main symptoms are extreme nausea and dizziness and feeling ...dr put me on beta blockers along with the anti-dep... "

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" nauseous quite a bit. ...about taking a beta blocker for your tachycardia or klonopin for anxiety? lexapro can... "

" ...I also feel nausea and tired when I have anxiety and panic attacks. I take anti nausea medicine, Klonopin,... "

" ...the beta blocker absolutely helped with my rapid heart beat and nausea. I feel very mentally... "

" ...attacks which manifested as stomach problems/nausia and difficulty in breathing. I think were prescribed beta-blockers to block the effect ... "

" Beta blockers are an ok suggestion, unless ...concern him overly...its the nausea which gets on his cat. Reputa... "

" ...get real nauseated when I am real anxious or having a panic attack. I take Phenergan for the nausea and I also take Klonopin and a beta blocker for th... "

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