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cough ( Latin: tussis) is a sudden and often repetitively occurring reflex which helps to clear the large breathing passages fro...
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Common Cough treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 13,671 Cough Syrup 12,366 Codeine 8,975
1,792,189 conversations around the web about Cough to help you make a decision
1,792,189 conversations around the web about Cough to help you make a decision
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Beta Blockers & Cough

We found 2,586 discussions
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" ...have had a constant cough and clearing of my throat. ...the beta blocker. Is there a beta blocker that d... "

" ...chewing gum for the coughing? I've just started having ...gum helps with the coughing and I've started ... "

" ...actually put on Zestril pre AVR because of the regurgation and diabetes. I developed a cough from it and... "

Post from
" ...Blockers and cough medicine? I ...answer this question. I have a horrible cough and I need to know if I can take robitussin or something. I'm taking... "

" ...six months - non-stop. can't cough up any phlem, I strongly suspect this coincides with my going on beta blocker? What should I do? My Dr has now put me ... "

Post from
" Fencible wrote: I have the coughing/hacking. Also, I often lack energy ...that more on the beta blocker than on the ACE... "

Post from
" ace inhibitor & had nighttime cough so hard to go to sleep, was on a beta blocker and was so tired I ...and felt alert and... "

" ...quite sick after eating it can on beta blockers), then sometimes I cough food up as I have acid reflux. Think it depen... "

" ...on a beta blocker as needed and it helps a lot. A few things that have helped me for immediate relief are changing my position, coughing, and... "

" ...ACE inhibitor, not a beta blocker. In any case, my cough disappeared after about two months after starting lisinopril. I've been on ...changes manufacturers, the cough returns fo... "

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