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Benefiber is taken for: Constipation IBS*


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Taken for: Constipation, IBS*
Prescribing mode: OTC
*Off Label
Fibre supplements (or fiber supplements) are considered to be a form of a subgroup of functional dietary fiber, and in the Unite...
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Benefiber for Constipation
24,127 conversations around the web about Benefiber to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Benefiber and compared it to other Constipation medications
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7 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Benefiber cause Burning ?

#3 in Benefiber discussions - 76 posts discuss Burning with Benefiber. Burning is #3 concern in Benefiber discussions.
We found 76 discussions
" ...The Benefiber has helped me to with the burning. I think it's the best out there. The... "

" ...all in the past week. (benefiber actually seems to make things runnier and more burning so i stopped that). i'm ...fissure. since i had the fibroids removed i haven't been bleeding bad from t... "

" ...well and natually. I used Glycolax which worked very well. When you take ...result. I still take benefiber twice daily to aid my movements. I'm unsure about the burning in the throat area.... "

Post from
" Yes I had the same burning it gets better but I am 9mo. post treatment and still have pain with each bowel movement ...a stool softner and also benefiber and this helps we have been burned and... "

" ...7 months now. I took Entocort and it cost me ...Now 7 months later my stomach is burning again and I'm spending much ...tell me will Malox or Benefiber give any relief? ****************** 58 ... "

" ...for 2 months (felt burning shards of glass up ...I had been taking stool softeners, benefiber, miralax, drank tons of water, ect and nothing helped my chronic constipation until a co-worker... "

" ...had anal itching and burning a few weeks ago. wasn't hemorrhoids. Although the GI told me to stop using Metamucil and suggested that I should try Benefiber. She said that it works great fo... "

" ...about drinking water and taking Benefiber with each meal. My lil ...with an ibs attack. I've been feeling weak and worn out. I'm further irritate my very sore/burning bottom. Hopefull... "

" ...there are those that add benefiber to their drinks. One doc ...tomato with OO but the burning in the ass sort of ...idea. I, too, suffer from burning-but not only in the bathroom... "

" ...following : 2 Teaspoons of Benefiber in my first cup of cream unless I take Lactaid as directed on package ...almost presurgery size. I have much less acid burning. I do however still... "

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