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Bell's Palsy

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(Bell Palsy)
Bell's palsy is a form of facial paralysis resulting from a dysfunction of the cranial nerve VII (the facial nerve) that results in th...
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Common Bell's Palsy treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 577 Prednisolone 50 Deltasone 2
15,414 conversations around the web about Bell's Palsy to help you make a decision
15,414 conversations around the web about Bell's Palsy to help you make a decision
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Bell's Palsy & Nerve Pain

0.85% of the posts that mention Bell's Palsy also mention Nerve Pain (131 posts)
Bell's Palsy
Nerve Pain
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Nerve Pain
We found 131 discussions
" ...I suffered from bell's palsy I ...and recovered. Five weeks ago I suffered from Neuralgia I have had acupuncture for the pain relief I am also taking B12 supplements and regular pain relief. I a... "

" ...based. I've had neuralgia for 14? years, ...cold sores etc. My husband had shingles when I was first ill (before the neuralgia) and he had Bells Palsy when my hair started falling out, about 8... "

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" ...yes, I sometimes get nerve pain in my face, ...and I was also diagnosed with Bell's Palsy a few weeks ago, which affects th... "

" Hi, You have neuralgia, I get it sometimes and it is very painful. I started to get this after having Bells Palsy when I was in my twenties. The first time... "

" see my parents. My Dad has Bell's Palsy, and was having some nerve pain in his face. Really hard ...doing really well, he has lost some weight because his diet has... "

" ...again. I have also had continued Bell's Palsy now for over 18 months. I've had three attacks and it hasn't dropped ...and saw a neurologist who confirmed it and put me onto Endep which helped wi... "

" has had such bad nerve pain on their scalp that you ...going and today i have the nerve pain instead of headache. I ...3 weeks later I got bells palsy. Then really bad pink... "

" I am going for an MRI on Aug 5. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced swelling inside your mouth around the gums and inside the cheek area? The neurologist said it may be from my ... "

" ...that my mom was diagnosed with trigenminal neuralgia, which is a horrible condition. ...misdiagnosed her. She has Bells Palsy, a viral infection is ...(one side of her face is paralized) and ... "

" ...used neurontin for facial nerve pain after my Bell's Palsy. I couldn't use the small does for nerve pain because I had already effective. The neurontin worked just fine, but I fou... "

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