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Bell's Palsy

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(Bell Palsy)
Bell's palsy is a form of facial paralysis resulting from a dysfunction of the cranial nerve VII (the facial nerve) that results in th...
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Common Bell's Palsy treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 580 Prednisolone 50 Deltasone 2
15,475 conversations around the web about Bell's Palsy to help you make a decision
15,475 conversations around the web about Bell's Palsy to help you make a decision
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Bell's Palsy & Bipolar Disorder

0.63% of the posts that mention Bell's Palsy also mention Bipolar Disorder (98 posts)
Bell's Palsy
Bipolar Disorder
We found 98 discussions
" ...else. I had Bells' palsy several years ago ...but I hated Bells palsy even more. After ...eye again. After the second treatment, I had feeling in my face. The only residual effects from th... "

" ...on the neurontin and valium for bi polar disorder and have been on those medications since 2000. The neurologist added the topomax, baclofen, tizinidine, and valtrex to treat the tn and bell's... "

" ...thought it was nothing until I looked at my face at the mirror, at first I thought I had a stroke but after consulting the doctor and took an ER I was dignosed with BP,in the first few days I was... "

" gee lucky me, I get to be double BP now, I'm Bi-polar and have Bells-Palsy. does that make me the winner or really the looser, lol, lol. Ever... "

" ...early 50s] was diagnosed with bp about a year ago. He had slurred speech and problems closing ...know he had bells palsy. Hang in there,stay... "

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" ...many antipsychotics, there is a high risk of serious side effects, many of which are irreversible, such as tardive dyskinesia, so its typically only used in severe cases of psychosis. A friend of m... "

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" ...since 1992 and was diagnosed with Bells Palsy in 2002. I believe these ...disorder -related. I still have residual BP and occurrences of alopecia areata ...of my head on the BP side. I fee... "

" ...Bp for the third time,about two days ago.It's not quite as bad as before,Ican still close my eye so no taping the eye shut,but that side is weak. And my right side never healed correctly from my la... "

" ...Bells Palsy and had a mass-infection with temps of 105 degrees, sence the infection/palsy I've started to have hand tremors/shakes. Some days I hardly have any, other days it's all the time. Also I... "

" the Drs' The prednisone nis a steroid that Dr. directs. Personally prednisone had no effect, pro or con, on the bells palsy. I did notice some water ...whatsoever. I have had BP 5 ti... "

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