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Bell's Palsy and Bipolar Disorder

/ 74 posts
Mentioned Together
0.54% of the posts that mention Bell's Palsy also mention Bipolar Disorder (74 posts)

Bell's Palsy

/ 13,706 posts
(Bell Palsy)
Bell's palsy is a form of facial paralysis resulting from a dysfunction of the cranial nerve VII (the facial nerve) that results in the inability to control facial muscles on the affected side. Several conditions can cause facial paralysis, e.g., brain tumor, stroke, and Lyme disease. However,... Read more on Wikipedia

Top Treating Medications

* Off-label

Bipolar Disorder

/ 873,748 posts
Bipolar disorder or bipolar Affect (psychology) disorder, historically known as manic–depressive disorder, is a Classification of mental disorders that describes a category of mood disorders defined by the presence of one or more episodes of abnormally elevated energy levels, cogn... Read more on Wikipedia

Top Treating Medications

* Off-label
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Help people by sharing experiences you've had with Bell's Palsy or Bipolar Disorder - your story could impact others.
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What patients are saying about Bell's Palsy and Bipolar Disorder

74 patient discussions from healthcare websites and blogs
and I fought BP with a priscription of prednisolone...
...thought it was nothing until I looked at my face at the mirror, at first I thought I had a stroke but after consulting the doctor and took an ER I was dignosed with BP,in the first few days I was...
on the neurontin and valium for bi polar disorder and have...
...on the neurontin and valium for bi polar disorder and have been on those medications since 2000. The neurologist added the topomax, baclofen, tizinidine, and valtrex to treat the tn and bell's...
mine developed bells palsy after being prescribed seroquel...
...many antipsychotics, there is a high risk of serious side effects, many of which are irreversible, such as tardive dyskinesia, so its typically only used in severe cases of psychosis. A friend of m...
or making the right one's come out. And like alot of BP's...
...Bells Palsy and had a mass-infection with temps of 105 degrees, sence the infection/palsy I've started to have hand tremors/shakes. Some days I hardly have any, other days it's all the time. Also I...
prednisone had no effect, pro or con, on the bells palsy. I...
...by the Drs' The prednisone nis a steroid that ...as Dr. directs. Personally prednisone had no effect, pro or con, on the bells palsy. I did notice some water ...whatsoever. I have had BP 5 ti...
am i going to have to go through this?I am on Predisone...
...Bp for the third time,about two days ago.It's not quite as bad as before,Ican still close my eye so no taping the eye shut,but that side is weak. And my right side never healed correctly from my la...
it is depression, i have been worse since getting the BP...
...prozac, a few months ago, and i thought they were causing the shakiness, seen an osteopath, as thought i could have a back problem, he said he thought it was exhaustion, been back to DRS today who ...
was being prescribed as an exclusive treatment for bi-polar...
...neurontin worked just fine, but I found it was costing me a fortune as I was using 3000mg a day (again my problem with rapid metabolizing and unheard of dosages) and it was about $275.00 a month. I...
uses for trileptal include treatment of bipolar, panic...
...facial/bell's palsy is usually a ...time, months even. trileptal's labeled use (its ...of the unlabeled uses for trileptal include treatment of bipolar, panic attacks, anxiety, neuropath...
BP strikes as to how well you will recover. I took Predisone...
...side with BP will bother me. Fortunately I do not have a sagging or twisted face. I also have dry eyes and do believe part is due to having had BP. The eye that stays wet is most likely dry e...