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Acne vulgaris (or cystic acne) is a common human skin disease, characterized by areas of skin with seborrhea (scaly red skin), c...
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Accutane 155,478 Benzoyl Peroxide 71,415 Retin A 27,908
1,659,565 conversations around the web about Acne to help you make a decision
1,659,565 conversations around the web about Acne to help you make a decision
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Bee Sting & Acne

We found 73 discussions
" ...Congrats...may ur pregnancy be a smooth journey. Gals, I can't join u all on sat cos tried not to expose my face aft the laser,now my face is like pimple face with alot of bee-sting like... "

" ...Now I use BurnJel Plus, available in the first aid section of Walmart. It has lidocaine and tea tree oil. This stuff is incredible!! Not does it help the pain from the acne (hers hurt badly, jus... "

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" look like the victim of a real accurate bee sting. it may develope into a pimple, it may not, but it still sucks. Especialy if ...cause im insulted. I just get frustrated cause a 46 year... "

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" ...BEFORE EATING I got a bee sting behind my ear, that hurt ...from my house. As for pimples I'm not going... "

" ...most. Sometimes I just get a tingling feeling, nothing else. And ...rash either. More like a pimple or bug bite. And it's ...ouch, like it was a bee sting. The weirdness of symptoms never... "

" ...I was camping and I believe a suffered a bee sting . Never did see the bee though. All of a sudden I had ...days later I still have what appears as a pimple like rash . Not sure what to... "

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" ...scabbish (like a small, dried pimple). the one close to my ...cyst like, almost like a bee sting. i'd say it's pea-sized. that ...itchy. last time i had hives, the weren't cyst-like..... "

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" ...uses , I have used it on my BFs bee sting, During pregnancy my hair seemed full & gorgeous now ...Not so much , No breakouts but the occasional pimple and I think my period is coming and it... "

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" ...prescribed 1500mg daily for a bee sting infection I got (random, I was prescribed for your acne or if it was prescribed ...was prescribed to help with acne, did it have any... "

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" avail, eg. oxyclean pads, dual action moisturizers. I've tried the Thermaclear unit, it hurts like a bee sting but worked ok, except I forgot ...I read that also causes acne - smoked on and ... "

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