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(Depressed mood)
Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person's thoughts, behavior, feelings and physical well-b...
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Prozac 73,383 Zoloft 73,044 Wellbutrin 63,202
6,760,773 conversations around the web about Depression to help you make a decision
6,760,773 conversations around the web about Depression to help you make a decision
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Bee Sting & Depression

We found 114 discussions
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" I am sorry I was a little depressed the other day. I have days where I still ...remember my son when he was sick and I have to son, who has the bee sting allergy that he could get... "

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" But also feeling the bee sting pain, the groin pain, outside ...feeling these pains and about feeling down about not having an ''instant\" ...some unwanted weight to feel better and assis... "

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" after playing with her/trying to see i figured it may be a bee sting but she is still limping and is generally depressed. Vet... "

Post from
" ...Oil, Why the sadness? Why do moisturizers with ...regimen? What's the mineral oil do? I had finally found a moisturizer that works, no burning or ...oil. Son of a bee sting! Damn, that sucks.... "

Post from
" ...hell. Feels like a major bee sting. Especially the one in my ...way in providing some relief. Releases a lot of Endorphins helps both anxiety & depression. When things aren't going your... "

Post from
" ...first the \"bee sting\" was a bit bothersome deal with flu-like symptoms or depression (side effetcs of the interferons). ...than the mild site reactions, I feel fine - no flu, lots of ... "

" said, the worse that could happen is you get stung. If we have the capability to suffer and fight through anxiety/depression, i know we can deal with a bee sting. Good luck wiht... "

" when I get a bee sting. There are herbal preparations with ...relax eze which gave the desired effects. Helped with depression, focus and general overall better state of mind. I... "

" ...ole days and how people pulled together during the depression, had gardens, canned their own food, etc. and then summer camp who got poison ivy and a bee sting and cried all... "

" ...from anaphylaxis caused by a bee sting. When I got home from ...was a completely different person. I was miserable, anxious, depressed, and isolated myself. I got my little pal Boo... "

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