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Bed Sore

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(Decubitus ulcer)
Bedsores, more properly known as pressure ulcers or decubitus Ulcer (dermatology)s, are lesions caused by many factors?suc...
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Common Bed Sore treatments discussed around the web
Xenaderm 5 Granulex 5 Vasolex 1
8,451 conversations around the web about Bed Sore to help you make a decision
8,451 conversations around the web about Bed Sore to help you make a decision
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Bed Sore & Side Effects

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" ...mother has developed a pretty large bed sore about ...dollar and rather deep. What can I do to address this poor health care for my mother or is this a natural side effect unfortun "

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" ...back to bed lunchtime and it seems to be healing. Latest photos attached! Side effects however mean that I'm getting a pressure sore on my shoulder and also my ear but can feel all these so... "

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" ...nurse if this caused any side effects at which she answered no, ...myself the only thing I came in for was for a pressure sore but not to die on ...I decided to heal my pressure sore at home ... "

" ...weeks. I see no difference as yet and have side effects as High Blood pressure sore back gums slightly swollen and indigestion Will i ever... "

" The most common side effects are. High blood pressure, sore joints, headaches(apparently), increased liver values and sometimes fairly ****ed lipids. Gyno is almost impossible on cycle, though... "

" ...I have to make it work. I am tired of dealing with the side effects of weight-fatigue, blood pressure, sore knees and ankles. And don't even get me started on shopping. Realistically I... "

" ...Some of it may be due to comfort issues like a full bladder, a bed sore or medication side effects but there may not be any physical reason. In some cases something such... "

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" and produces terrible chest pressure, sore throat, bloating and fluid retention. ...a month of these horrid side effects each time, hoping they would... "

" have interaction with other meds or cause unwanted side effects. I am using Vetericyn on beginning pressure sore. Since I don't cath, not sure how I could... "

" ...medication for high blood pressure, sore muscles, lower back pain. Side effects? I have been on ...the past year have been taking metforman for diabetes. Have been experiencing sore muscles in m... "

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