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Bed Bugs

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Ask a question
(Bed bug infestation)
A bed bug can individually and collectively cause a number of health effects including skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic sympt...
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27,245 conversations around the web about Bed Bugs to help you make a decision
27,245 conversations around the web about Bed Bugs to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs & Hydrogen Peroxide

We found 8 discussions
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" ...bought 2 huge bottles of hydrogen peroxide and Off insect spray and ...Pronto supposed to kill bed bugs and dust mites. Ugghhh ...course of 4mos. Crap.. I even asked is this scabies?? Because... "

" a spray bottle may deter and/or kill them. Hydrogen peroxide sprayed over carpets/bedding may also help. Do a test ...spray disinfectant for mites, fleas, bed bugs, etc. Can be applied to... "

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" the general area told me to pour some hydrogen peroxide on it. and apparently i was just damaging my ...What else was i lied to about? will the bed bugs really bite me if i don't stay up all... "

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" ...fumigate or ozone) BTW bed bugs live in the mattress ...creases, get some food grade hydrogen peroxide from a health food store ...stronger than cheap grocery store hydrogen peroxide so be ... "

" ...from the drains, I poured hydrogen peroxide into the drains. I think ...Ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, lice, scabies, bed bugs, various mites, biting flies, and... "

" ...There are many ways. Infared sauna, Epsom Salt and Hydrogen Peroxide baths, Lemon water, is a must to pull ...Such as mosquitos, knats, fleas, bed bugs, ect. Blood transfusions. And ... "

" you can part with. Bed bugs and their eggs can live can, spray them with hydrogen peroxide. Wipe down wood and plastic with hydrogen peroxide (check to see if it... "

" ...drug user, i dont have any STDs. im not, doctors are limited.we did have 2 pest control guys here, so we ruled out bed bugs, but bug guy #2 ...tweezers, id put some hydrogen peroxide o... "

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