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Feeling Sick

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Malaise (, mal-aze) is a feeling of general suffering or uneasiness, of being "out of sorts", often the first indication of an infecti...
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Common Feeling Sick treatments discussed around the web
Zofran 24,259 Pedialyte 5,832
6,278,891 conversations around the web about Feeling Sick to help you make a decision
6,278,891 conversations around the web about Feeling Sick to help you make a decision
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Basophils & Feeling Sick

We found 33 discussions
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" ...side of normal and my basophilswere abnormal at 5% (normally 1% allergic reaction recently. I hadn't been sick and didn't recall an allergic ...once (last year), but my basophils have... "

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" ...19 month old son is sick a lot and we had ...came back with Moderate Atypical Lymphocytes,Slight Elliptocytes,Slight Acanthocytes and BASOPHILS, ABSOLUTE 0.23. Back when he was 9 months old... "

" dumb. People who constantly wash their hands get sick more often since their not exposing themselves to antigens, ...I will train my WBC's to have lots of basophils so I can... "

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" ...results (ideal range in brackets): Basophils 0.00 (0.20) Eosinophils 0.04 (0.03-0.40) ...mononucleosis? I know he's pretty sick at the moment so if... "

" wasn?t concerned. I wasn?t sick at the time and haven?t been sick since 2001. I eat all ...0.2-1.2) Eosinophils: 0.0 (range 0.0-0.5) Basophils: 0.1 (range 0.0-0.1) Report Comments:... "

" Neutrophils, basophils, lymphocytes are all part of WBC's. If you were sick your #'s would be appropriate. Try not to panic too much, especially when your not sure what the names or numbers... "

" ...mediators from mast cells and basophils. Â This is why some ...past, Â but I feel better when it happens then ...If I get itchy and sick, I want the adrenaline.... "

" ...very abnormal. Baso stands for basophils, a type of white blood ...cell. They will be elevated if you have been sick or have active inflammation somewhere in your body. The... "

" ...WBC belongs to which type of cells: neutrophils, monocytes, basophils, eosinophils -- all are WBCs. And if any abnormal ...but before you worry yourself sick over your blood counts, wait... "

" ...46.3 (20.5-45.0)MONOCYTES 6.9 (5.5-11.7)EOSINOPHILS 2.5 (0.9-2.9)BASOPHILS 0.4 (0.2-1.0)ANC-AUTOMATED 2.7 (2.2-4.8)The doctor lymphocytes being high. I have not been sick in the last 2 mon... "

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