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Bartonellosis is an infectious disease produced by bacteria of the genus Bartonella. Bartonella species cause diseases such as...
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Common Bartonella treatments discussed around the web
Levaquin 384 Minocycline 341 Doxycycline 264
15,278 conversations around the web about Bartonella to help you make a decision
15,278 conversations around the web about Bartonella to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Bartonella

Bartonella & Weight

We found 68 discussions
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" I had these symptoms -- weight loss, pain after eating (severe), ...calories to maintain my weight. I resorted to smoothies ...symptoms could be attributed to Bartonella (a coinfection), but th... "

" grams based on your weight along with and equal amount ...I saw had blurbs about each organism (erlch, babesia, bartonella) underneath each Lyme photo. The pictures and the descriptions... "

" ...herx from biaxin is brutal in the ...goes by. The rule of thumb for biaxin in treating lyme, babesia, mycoplasma or bartonella is 500mg for every 50lbs of human body weight. I myself weigh... "

" ...the mix with more meds. Bartonella is anxiety that is for ...things worse for me. And bartonella is tricky. I just found ...the worst things for a bartonella patient to take and of... "

" ...thusly adults-oral therapy 28 days ( 100-200 mg/day depending upon weight and other factors) future tests for babesia,bartonella, ehrlichia and again for borrelia (Lyme) timing varies I... "

" ...combined with poor posture and weight totally sets off my pain. It is a blend ...neurological, rheu, etc. I have been very aggressively treated for Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia and Anaplasmosis. ... "

" depends on the \"older\" child's weight. Maybe he doesn't weigh enough ...the dosage closer to the child's weight if needed. I'm surprised Cavey it might be a Bartonella rash. ... "

Post from
" The Pain of Bartonella I am not familiar with Bartonella, but I am definately familiar with having an illness ...outer ear, joints,hair, nails, vision, weight, sleeping, etc. When I explain... "

" ...if it is worth it and about reliability, and weight up the risks, potential benefits, costs etc., against any much about Lyme as Bartonella, but certainly it is possible... "

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" ...four years ago when my weight dropped, I needed more food. ...a restaurant dinner now! My weight seems pretty stable at 129. ...else! Mine is related to Bartonella. It went aw... "

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