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Bartonellosis is an infectious disease produced by bacteria of the genus Bartonella. Bartonella species cause diseases such as...
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Common Bartonella treatments discussed around the web
Levaquin 386 Minocycline 341 Doxycycline 267
15,306 conversations around the web about Bartonella to help you make a decision
15,306 conversations around the web about Bartonella to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Bartonella

Bartonella & Sweating

0.77% of the posts that mention Bartonella also mention Sweating (118 posts)
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We found 118 discussions
" ...that's good at least you are being treated for Bartonella. Have you already tried babesia treatment as well? I also have the low temperature and sweats at the same time but ...improvement) so I ... "

" ...was told that I have Bartonella, and yes...the sweats are so bad. One day shirt on and I was sweating so bad it turned my bra red. I did not have sweats prior to lyme. I hate... "

" ...them for awhile. I'm treating Bartonella, but maybe since that is getting better, the Babesia is ...most people typically associate sweats with Babesia, but I ...some people getting them wit... "

" Hi IHL, I have bartonella. Do you have any weird, The first time I got sick, I had them on not like them :) ) I would also get crazy sweating, as in drenching multiple... "

" ...also get the hot sweats. So annoying to ...positive for Bartonella. Can I get hot sweats just from those two infections or do I have... "

" I have experienced these sweats during the day especially if ...out. I still experience some sweating during the day but it ...Oh, my doctor also mentioned bartonella can cause day... "

" ...line up more with bartonella. I have read that ...the link - listed under Bartonella symptoms - was sweats. So, it's hard to figure. ...would think that's leaning toward Bartonella? It's a... "

" ...LLMDs link it more to bartonella. Im having lots of hot/sweating episodes thru the day ...of my feet have become super sore when i ...progressing right now... I have severe headache 24/7 and ... "

" ...absolutely classic Bartonella symptom, especially ...Are you being treated for Bartonella? Other symptoms can include shortness of breath, daytime chills/fever/sweats, blurred vi... "

" ...A bad trip...intense depressive thoughts, sweats, facial twitches, weird dreams, pains ...headaces.... 16 hrs later better...I guess this is Bartonella.... I had no positive labs... "

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