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Bartholin Cyst

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(Bartholin s cyst)
Bartholin's cyst is formed when a Bartholin's gland is blocked, causing a fluid-filled cyst to develop. A Bartholin's cyst is not an i...
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2,742 conversations around the web about Bartholin Cyst to help you make a decision
2,742 conversations around the web about Bartholin Cyst to help you make a decision
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Bartholin Cyst & Menstrual Period

1.86% of the posts that mention Bartholin Cyst also mention Menstrual Period (51 posts)
Bartholin Cyst
Menstrual Period
We found 51 discussions
" After talking with my mother further, i believe it is a bartholin's cyst. Apparently, my mother had one that required daily visits appears that i'm having a 2nd period this month!... "

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" ...out, that i just had my period still. ive been taking this ...general anesthesia because i screamed so much during my last bartholin's cyst incident. i'm sure the LEEP wouldnt be as bad... "

" ...on Bartholin cyst I saw my GI yesterday about my suspected Bartholin cyst from a couple of I'd had a Bartholin cyst that abscessed. He said ...first day of my next period (which is p... "

" ...wondering if this is my period randomly starting back up. The OB/GYN? I also have a Bartholin's cyst, so I do wonder ...all too... Anyone else had a period return or are waiting f... "

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" ...I am 28-yrs-old and was just diagnosed with a Bartholin's cyst today. My gyn ...a little more paranoid (i.e.recurring,abscessing,removal of ...they, exactly? Also, my menstrual cycle just end... "

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" ...April 2005, and I have not yet had a period. With my first ...2wks postpartum, i got a Bartholin's Cyst down yonder, which ...10 months post partum. Has anyone ever gotten a period back a... "

" Hi Doctor i have a query regarding late period. My last period happened on 02Feb2014, and then developed a Bartholin's cyst after a week. I got it operated. Now, its 08Mar2014 and I still... "

" ...treatment for 2 cycles due to a Bartholin cyst ...get my period ...the pill for a month, meaning AF would come after appt (couple of days maybe), and don't they get u to take the pill at the ... "

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" Bartholin cyst and pregnant - ABC Homeopathy ...pregnant as I missed my period as well and now I'm ...this so my friend suggested mifepristone and misoprostaol kit.. I... "

" ...also, but i had serious bleeding issues for ...very heavy. i had clots the size ...that, and that weird last period of mine has me boggled. i also have a bartholin cyst that's returned for ... "

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