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Bartholin Cyst

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(Bartholin s cyst)
Bartholin's cyst is formed when a Bartholin's gland is blocked, causing a fluid-filled cyst to develop. A Bartholin's cyst is not an i...
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2,722 conversations around the web about Bartholin Cyst to help you make a decision
2,722 conversations around the web about Bartholin Cyst to help you make a decision
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Bartholin Cyst & Itching

3.71% of the posts that mention Bartholin Cyst also mention Itching (101 posts)
Bartholin Cyst
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bartholin cyst
hello,i have 32 years and i think i found the cyst when i was 20 but was not painfull until now when was swollen,like a golf ball or maybe bigger and it bodered me a lot .after 2 weeks of pain i discovered clotrimazol cream and it really helped me so much from the first application.was such a relief for me.i m very happy now

" Bartholin cyst, bump on skin, itches. How ...old girl and I have a bartholin cyst I believe. I had ...days later, today, I have a bump and it itches but it doesn t bother me. I think it... "

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" ...slightly bothersome in that they are a bit itchy and I know they are ...not pus filled, or painful. Last pregnancy I had a bartholin cyst which was larger and pus filled but these dont... "

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" ...I had a bartholin's cyst marsupialization about 10 years ago. 3-4 years ago I started having this awful and itchy pain on the site. ...the time. It's itchy the way poison ivy is itchy... like a... "

" really frustrated because I am ...on vaginally. Now, I have a clear discharge and itching...but have tested negative for any ...intestinal issues and am getting a Bartholin Cyst. What on ... "

" i have burning and itching around my anus and vagina. going on. i have a history with bartholin cyst and the last one ...couple days i have had this bothersome itching and burning and it... "

" hi, ive been experiencing pain for about 30 secs at times i have whitish vaginal discharge but no smell, itchy. i also had a bartholin cyst twice but no encision happen... "

" ...You might be having a Bartholin cyst or a vaginal inclusion cyst. ...labial abscess, particularly as you are having itching and white discharge. please consult... "

" ...near my clitoris had been itchy and tender today, but ...bleeding and the pain has eased but I feel better knowing that I am ...experienced it myself. I had a Bartholin cyst several years ago... "

" ...slightest itch I use a small amount of clotrimazole creme. It seems to keep any potential yeast growth at bay. Days where I feel very dry or burning I do use vagisil. Knock ...have a bartholi... "

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