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Barium Swallow + Cost

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Ask a question
202 conversations around the web about Barium Swallow + Cost to help you make a decision
202 conversations around the web about Barium Swallow + Cost to help you make a decision
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Barium Swallow & Cost

We found 202 discussions
" ...policy, and low shipping cost. They don't pay for ...those seem to work well and they have a good probiotic too. As for yogurts ...been told through a barium swallow I have a small... "

" shown on a barium swallow. When I take Nexium and Baclofen, I ...the back of my nose starts to drain. Baclofen is great because it's cheap ...Protonix due to the cost ($340/month). Anyw... "

" ...I believe I have liquid reflux but I haven't ...was there an additional cost above the $750 you ...few months. After both a barium swallow and a modified barium swallow suggested I had no is... "

" ...possible-flu possible. wasnt going to barium swallow now going to do it... ...sanity. driving back and forth cost a ton now that gas ...its just because of her coughing. at least we can... "

" ...called to ask for a barium swallow test I'd be told my ...FINALLY my doc ordered a barium swallow for me and I did have it removed because of cost but I would do it... "

" ...risk it. You have your surgery and your recovery in a real hospital with a real trauma surgeon and emergency room. Besides the ...then a barium swallow with an ...think the additional cost ... "

" ...the Linx could cost insurance companies more ...out the specifics (i.e. cost), but since I've only had a barium swallow thus far, I know ...procedure. I aslo have a small hiatal hernia; I've ... "

" Slippage Surg Cost !!! Lap-band surgery 2 yrs ago & barium-swallow x-ray showed def. slippage. My doc says this will cost (insur won't pay) over $10,000. Does anyone know of... "

" ...I have to have a barium swallow x-ray will my insurance pay ...any idea how much one cos... "

" ...easy are the trains to navigate? Also, in the price that Dr Chris quotes, does that include the pre-op ...TED stockings, heparin injections and barium swall... "

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