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(Has tingling sensation)
Paresthesia , spelled "paraesthesia" in American and British English spelling differences, is a Wikt:sensation of tingling, pricking,...
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Common Tingling treatments discussed around the web
Neurontin 2,868 Lyrica 2,303 Gabapentin 1,791
475,265 conversations around the web about Tingling to help you make a decision
475,265 conversations around the web about Tingling to help you make a decision
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Banana & Tingling

We found 727 discussions
" it makes sense that banana bread goes okay with you. I fear I might have a mild banana allergy. My tongue feels tingly after eating one. I had a major reaction to... "

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" ...actually smells chocolatey & Strawberry Banana--which is like candy: ~They ...Burts Bees Lip Shimmers has a minty tingle & smell, with so... "

" ...goes away soon. My boobs are starting to get a little tingly, but not sore yet And I have had my first preggo ...a row I've had a banana with melted chocolate chips and... "

" ...deficiency. I was actually getting some arm tingling today while feeling tired. I ...of Lindt 90% and a banana. I ate a few squares ...feeling great. Not tired, no tingling, feel like a milli... "

" ...with a headache and now also shows up as tingling/numbness in my hands and feet. I have noticed for ...I am a LOT more nauseous as well. It really ...a snack. Usually its a banana for me and ... "

" ...about every ache and pain. So I've gotta know--has anyone else experienced tingling/tightness in the left leg? I had this warming sensation ...area. Very strange. Ate a banana and some dried apr... "

" ...I know banana slugs. And don't ever kiss one, it makes your tongue... "

" ...King of Skin is banana-y. Volcano is cinnamon-y and makes your feet... "

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" look up latex-banana allergy, this shows ...particular foods including avocado, banana, chestnut, kiwifruit, passionfruit, plum, ...fruits. Common symptoms include tingling in the mouth, ... "

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" ...have church tonight. I'm feeling a burning need for a big ...Horror Film Marathon! *feels all tingly* But as it is, the ...will probably be making a banana split... "

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