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Banana + Enemas

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Ask a question
156 conversations around the web about Banana + Enemas to help you make a decision
156 conversations around the web about Banana + Enemas to help you make a decision
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Banana & Enemas

We found 156 discussions
" constant enemas and colonics can make you have a lazy bowel over time (over ...for me lol ...Jodi, the banana eating... "

" Quote: See, I don't do enemas. I did them once when ...I'm regular? Like big S-shaped, banana-textured booboo that is the size ...I don't know if it's banana-textured coz I didn't squeeze it... "

" strategic use of m. enemas. I'm sticking to the beans with the occasional almost green banana or cold rice. Beans seem ...controversial option. I do have gas, but it isn't an... "

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" i agree with Banana because i know that if my body i'd get totally obsessed with germs and all ...idea of colonic irrigation and enemas is just awful!!! i don't... "

" ...and boulardii mainly because my colitis was a reaction to ...and I still do a banana shake every moring with protein ...the stool. Never really did enemas, but I do keep up... "

" ...feel really sick with abdominal pain,and ...a day using mini enemas.I take senna tabs x 2 every night,have a banana,handful of grapes,and 3 veg ...24hrs without bowel movement.Lactulose never... "

" ...eating a mango or banana. Most people eat everything the anti fungal enemas, combined with other methods. So I hope this really is a cure for you and other people who suffer from candid... "

" Day 1 ended up with me having a banana and some prunes. I got an excrutiating headache. Thinking ...I had stopped my coffee enemas and I also took a ...lot of toxins so doing enemas is going to ... "

" I had a sever case pan colitis with 2 strictures.The doctors advised colon removal.Took vitamin E enemas which kept me in remission ...plenty of vegetables.Eat a banana but no fruit.This keeps... "

" ...three days but just felt really hungry all the time, although it did clear talk about colonics and enemas and i just didn't fancy an apple and a banana in the same half hour.... "

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