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Bad Breath

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(Breath odour)
Halitosis is a term used to describe noticeably unpleasant odors exhaled in breathing. Halitosis is estimated to be the third most fre...
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Common Bad Breath treatments discussed around the web
Probiotic 280 Metronidazole 187 Colgate 160
78,208 conversations around the web about Bad Breath to help you make a decision
78,208 conversations around the web about Bad Breath to help you make a decision
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Bad Breath & Sea Salt

We found 76 discussions
" You have Tonsil Stones. I have them and!!! I'm with a fever and gargled with hot sea salt water and bad breath tooth paste and mouth wash. Nothing works!!! Going to... "

" ...I cook them mainly using sea salt, pepper, and olive oil. I'm GERD. My mom has really bad GERD and bad breath. She's able to control her bad breath using medicine though. Like ma... "

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" Really. Hmm, and your still experiencing bad breath. Interesting. Its 1/2 tsp to ...either plenty of vegetables and/or Sea Salt . Himalayn sea salt I think is considered the... "

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" I have experienced nausea several times in my ...system. Other symptoms include the bad breath you mentioned, coated tongue, headache, flush out the toxins. Sea Salt water flushes also w... "

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" ...them white..And rinsing with with Sea Salt /water helps. But I don't think it masks bad breath all that well. Plus doesn't ...a deeper cleanse, you'll get an instant toxic, nasuea feeling from... "

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" ...nasal passages using a sea salt solution using a neti pot. Prior to this I was constantly clearing my throat, had bad breath, stuffy nose and a throat; also got tonsil stones which stank!... "

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" ...and Bad breath Hello All: I had ...mention about Iodine's effect on bad breath. Well, for me it has ...problems due to reflux. I tried everything in the world to get rid of bad breath. I was... "

" basic menu: 2 tsp sea salt in 1 qt warm water ...8 oz smooth move senna tea before bed I chew gum in between to keep my mouth going and control bad breath. Have a great Wednesday.... "

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" ...i started LF to get rid of constant bad breath =o( but i think i ...second and third i did Sea Salt and clay enemas and the get better??? does anyone know of enema recipes that might ... "

" ...said my gum and teeth were still healthy. The nasal irrigator im using is called Sinus Rinse, I think it's relatively cheap and it's working for ...tsp sea salt and ...for my bad breath... "

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