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Bad Breath

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(Breath odour)
Halitosis is a term used to describe noticeably unpleasant odors exhaled in breathing. Halitosis is estimated to be the third most fre...
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Common Bad Breath treatments discussed around the web
Probiotic 280 Metronidazole 187 Colgate 160
78,209 conversations around the web about Bad Breath to help you make a decision
78,209 conversations around the web about Bad Breath to help you make a decision
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Bad Breath & Parsley Seed Oil

We found 9 discussions
" ...get rid of bad breath. Try this: Triple Pet Breath Freshener All natural, sugar-free. Uses organically bound zinc to kill germs, parsley seed oil to ...L-Lysine to help prevent viral infect... "

" ...and maybe it's the parsley seed oil that does it. I guess it makes sense because parsley seed oil is what combats bad breath, and it works that causes bad breath (and also... "

" Beauty a good thing for bad breath is thisNSI-High-Absorption-Broken-Cell-Chlorella-835003002078.jpgor other things with chlorella. ...1500 Tablets - Vitacost Parsley Seed Oil or Parsley is als... "

" ...its okay... it contains sunflower oil, kosher gelatin, glycerin, parsley seed oil but with no alcohol or sugar. I hope they ...not only takes away the bad breath, it also helps to take... "

" ...does help to tame the bad breath. However, if you feel you ...for it, go with Missy's suggestion. There are also parsley seed oil pills out there (made by Breath Assure... if you... "

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" ...used Mint Asure to avoid bad breath about 8 times in my ...this product. The ingredients include: Sunflower oil, kosher gelatin, glycerin, parsley seed oil, sugar, & natural flavors. Thanks so... "

" ...combat bad breath and ...3mg Parsley Seed Oil and 3mg Celery Seed Oil which all work from the stomach up, neutralising odours within the body right up to the mouth. This provides a much more eff... "

" Bad breath is not only caused by ...natural ingredients such as parsley seed oil and xylitol, among other ...foods, or drinking coffee.\"...once swallowed, the parsley seed oil contained inside ... "

" ...the sulphur in them. those tiny pills that kill bad breath, i forgot the name of them, are primarily parsley seed oil. garlic is a mainstay in my house as well.... "

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