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Method of use: Injection, Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
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Trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole or Co-trimoxazole (abbreviated SXT, TMP-SMX, TMP-SMZ or TMP-sulfa) is a Sulfonamide (medicine) ant...
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Bactrim for Infection
31,340 conversations around the web about Bactrim to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Bactrim and compared it to other Infection medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Bactrim & Tramadol

We found 44 discussions
" ...getting stitches Sat night, taking 2 Bactrim and 1 tramadol my anxiety is crazy. It's like it was when I first started going through withdrawal. I have no appetite. Anyone else experience this... "

" ...prescribed tramadol & bactrim. One of these drugs made my anxiet come back full force, panic attack level. It died down considerably in about 10-11 days. I have felt almost anxiety free for the... "

" tramadol 12 hrs ago & I've had 2 bactrim, one last & one this morning & now I'm jittery w/ anxiety like I haven't had in quite a while. I felt tired & tried taking a nap, but was too jumpy to... "

" ...91 and has been taking Bactrim DS daily for several ...healthy 91 and takes only tramodol for her arthriits--she ...issues r/t the daily Bactrim --she weighs 70 lb but has a good appetite al... "

" ...went to er the doctor gave me bactrim. I was okay until a ...days after finishing taking the bactrim i noticed that I had ...assuming that I am having a bad reaction to the bactrim or the tra... "

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" ...conditions: none Other drugs taken: Relafen, bactrim, tramadol Side effects: I didn't experience any side effects. It did make me sleep. Comments: Flexeril has been highly effec... "

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" ...probiotics 3 weeks and am gaining energy little by little. With all the other issues I have going on the doc was only able to put me on the Ambien and Tramadol as needed and keep me on everything... "

" ...sick. I think Tramadol and no energy be allows me to get sleep. Both those (tramadol, sleep) seem to work as a preventative. ...Last time this happened Bactrum and decongestants and pai... "

" ...& Bactrum Cut my get stitches, got prescribed Bactrum & tramadol as prescriptions.... "

" ...on my head was calcification and said I had a bladder infection . They gave me bactrum & tramadol...but im still experiencong the same symptons with mor nausea... "

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