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Method of use: Injection, Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole or Co-trimoxazole (abbreviated SXT, TMP-SMX, TMP-SMZ or TMP-sulfa) is a Sulfonamide (medicine) ant...
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Bactrim for Acne
34,444 conversations around the web about Bactrim to help you make a decision
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Bactrim & Acne

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are peoples experience with Bactrim for acne? I know about...
" Bactrim, Any experiences? I have some ...but then stumbled upon Bactrim. I have tried mino and doxy which helped a little but did ...What are peoples experience with Bactrim for acne? I know a... "

lesion break out on my hand and Bactrim and Milk helped. I...
" ...had went into some of the \"internal\" health problems also. His white fiber looks like what I have seen. (thankfully, I rarely see fibers anymore) Recently had a lesion break out on my hand... "

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Bactrim I have been taking Bactrim for my acne for a few...
" ...all of which did not work in the slightest. However, now I think I must have built up a resistance because my acne came back and does not seem to be going away. I was wondering if anyone else who... "

any at all?He said the bactrim was really good for acne...
" ...prep and bactrim I had to go ...fas as dieting.Im taking probiotics with the bactrim to help with good bacteria.Also will this effect my contest cycle any at all?He said the bactrim was really g... "

Post from
period of time..It helped my acnes a lot though..but at the...
" ...a while worked febulous for me..but keep in is a very strong antibiotic..don't take it for a long period of time..It helped my acnes a... "

Post from
works at reducing amount of pimples and quicker healing...
" ...bactrim for 2 months no problems then the front of my elbow became really itchy and now its all scabbed and itchy always, stopping it and going back to the docs to ask for doxy, ive also been on di... "

Post from
gel. 90% of my breakouts disappeared and I was super...
" I had GREAT success using Bactrim DS the first time I used it in conjunction with Differin gel. 90% of my breakouts disappeared and I was super ...went off of it, my acne returned. I am back on... "

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reactions to it and my acne was under control. My derm...
" ...none worked. Bactrim DS worked well ...and my acne was under control. My derm should have put me on accutane as I suffered a lot longer than neccessary, but he did do one thing right by puttin... "

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me. A year later, my acne is completely gone..I'm afraid to...
" ...acne is completely gone..I'm afraid to go off of the bactrim though! I have the worst diet imaginable (which I'm working on) yet the bactrim still works for perhaps it's just not the right a... "

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want my face to be completely clear..I have been on bactrim...
" ...3 new little pimples on my chin..I think it may be hormonal, and its about that time of the month for me, but Im not sure. I hate this! My mom and sister say my face has gotten ALOT better, but I... "

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