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Bacterial Vaginosis

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(Vaginitis bacterial)
Bacterial vaginosis (BV) or less commonly vaginal bacteriosis is a disease of the vagina caused by bacteria. It is not considere...
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Common Bacterial Vaginosis treatments discussed around the web
Flagyl 892 Metronidazole 775 Metrogel 324
17,240 conversations around the web about Bacterial Vaginosis to help you make a decision
17,240 conversations around the web about Bacterial Vaginosis to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial Vaginosis & Pau D'arco

We found 7 discussions
" ...but I did get a stubborn bacterial vaginosis infection last month. I ...a douche. The infection went away and so did the white gook on my tongue! Pau D'Arco is also supposed to get rid of... "

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" ...doing research on Bacterial Vaginosis. What I found was very interesting. I found out that Pau d'arco tea is proven to help treat Bacterial Vaginosis or even cure ...that works, Pau d'arco may b... "

" ...Read the threads on bacterial vaginosis as well. Take the probiotic orally as well as the oregano oil. Try pau d'arco tea. Also try the works! I suffered from chronic UTI's over 1... "

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" ...swab came back positive for bacterial vaginosis. My Gp said I could take Flagyl if the thing is bothering ...sugar diet, garlic and pau d'arco to clear the yeast. I had vulvar pain so bad l... "

" ...yeast overgrowth. Pau D'arco, black walnut, ...Please get on the Bacterial Vaginosis threads and read about the yogurt/probiotic vaginal suppository insertion. It is very very effective for... "

" test result. I have bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection... i know ...low sugar diet. I got abit depressed when i ate the ...gut balance, olive leaf and pau d arco. I take a small cup... "

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" ...infection so I did Monistat 7, which then gave me what they believe was bacterial vaginosis which they gave me flagyl for, which then, I ...Caprylic Acid 300mg of Pau D'Arco 300mg of Black Wal... "

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