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Bacterial Vaginosis

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(Vaginitis bacterial)
Bacterial vaginosis (BV) or less commonly vaginal bacteriosis is a disease of the vagina caused by bacteria. It is not considere...
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Common Bacterial Vaginosis treatments discussed around the web
Flagyl 895 Metronidazole 779 Metrogel 327
17,340 conversations around the web about Bacterial Vaginosis to help you make a decision
17,340 conversations around the web about Bacterial Vaginosis to help you make a decision
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Bacterial Vaginosis & Pain

11.4% of the posts that mention Bacterial Vaginosis also mention Pain (1,978 posts)
Bacterial Vaginosis
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We found 1,975 discussions
" ...16 years old and have bacterial vaginosis. My gynecologist said she would ...guessing there's nothing. I have pelvic pains on the left side of my pelvis and leg pains and when looking up... "

" ...been itching to one degree ...when I wake up. Everything from birth control pills, latex condoms, yeast, bacterial vaginosis was blamed until I knew ...yet. Ice helps with the pain of the ac... "

" ...the discharge increased, I had a little pain, and the discharge was yellowish and sort of mucousy. I had bacterial vaginosis which the doc treated (uneventfully) with an... "

" ...removed and I still have some right sided pain at times that feels just ...for something else and had bacterial vaginosis and a yeast infection that were causing cramping and pain all over my... "

" ...I was given diflucan for yeast ...and said I had bacterial vaginosis and thought the tingling was hsv1. I was given metronidazole. My vaginal symtoms have cleared but the soreness/burning etc by... "

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" ...I got a infection (bacterial vaginosis) and they gave me a cream to use down there, I believe it was cleocin since I was allergic to flagyl and it caused me vaginal irritation and baldder pain, so ... "

" ...weeks post op and just found out I have bacterial vaginosis. That's the icing on the cake I hope the draw backs are over. I to still have a lot of pain. I was beginning to think I was crazy or... "

" ...go away in tme? There is no discharge and it doesn't smell like bacterial vaginosis. Nobody warned me about an odor. I am taking darvacet for pain. Thank you in advance for your... "

" ...went to the doctor yesterday and got diagnosed with BV (bacterial vaginosis) which is a common ...vaginal opening. They are very painful. Is it a ...since I had a vaginal infection but am... "

" Diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis, chlamydiae. Severe pain with specs ...Hi, i was dignosis with bacterial vaginosis and i m taking ...i took them i had the worst pains ever now i have... "

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