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Bacterial Vaginosis

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(Vaginitis bacterial)
Bacterial vaginosis (BV) or less commonly vaginal bacteriosis is a disease of the vagina caused by bacteria. It is not considere...
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Common Bacterial Vaginosis treatments discussed around the web
Flagyl 892 Metronidazole 775 Metrogel 324
17,234 conversations around the web about Bacterial Vaginosis to help you make a decision
17,234 conversations around the web about Bacterial Vaginosis to help you make a decision
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Bacterial Vaginosis & Lower Back Pain

0.16% of the posts that mention Bacterial Vaginosis also mention Lower Back Pain (28 posts)
Bacterial Vaginosis
Lower Back Pain
We found 28 discussions
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" ...that area. Around dinner time I started to get some lower back pain and was overall just uncomfortable and once again feeling turns out I have bacterial vaginosis, which mimicks the sympto... "

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" Bacterial vaginosis and low grade temp. I ...syptoms (cramps, lower back pain, and rectal ...100.0) Could these indicate bacterial vaginosis?... "

Post from
" ...16 weeks. Regardless, anytime you are feeling cramps and lower back pain, especially if there is some Things like UTI or bacterial vaginosis can cause preterm birth, and... "

Post from
" ...sort of fracture - Bacterial vaginosis - Infant with an a pt with low back pain..tricky - Gastric carcinoma (she ...further workup also had vulvar carcinoma -- vulvectomy Write... "

" ...up on Nexium twice a day for the past eight weeks and I'm getting these symptoms again of low back pain, frequent urination, nausea, malaise ...GYN said was bacterial vaginosis. I'm wondering s... "

" regularly w/my male period is 4 days late...i feel nausea , dull lower back pain , loker abdominal pressure, tired, ...i assumed may be bacterial vaginosis ...i have an appt... "

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" ...moist, as though I was sweating really bad (but wasn't)...had horrible low back ache and cramps in front ...checked and I have BV again (bacterial vaginosis) which could cause premature... "

" problems...until now. My last period was weird, more ...week its progressed into lower back pain, and then into my ...some women can develop into bacterial vaginosis. Also, my uterine lini... "

" ...i told them what was going on, and that pain in my lower back is my sciatic nerve. She said when baby dropped ...have a slight form of bacterial vaginosis. She said i don't have... "

" ...after getting together.. I was diagnosed and treated for bacterial vaginosis. the meds didn't get rid of the symptoms entirely ...for 2 or 3 WEEKS), lower back pain, and I am exhausted all... "

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