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Bacterial Pneumonia

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(Pneumonia bacterial)
Bacterial pneumonia is a type of pneumonia caused by bacterial infection...
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Common Bacterial Pneumonia treatments discussed around the web
Levaquin 24 Bactrim 20 Augmentin 18
2,918 conversations around the web about Bacterial Pneumonia to help you make a decision
2,918 conversations around the web about Bacterial Pneumonia to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Bacterial Pneumonia

Bacterial Pneumonia & Lupus

0.86% of the posts that mention Bacterial Pneumonia also mention Lupus (25 posts)
Bacterial Pneumonia
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We found 25 discussions
" ...find out, she has bacterial pneumonia. I kid you not! ...the building because she has BACTERIAL PNEUMONIA says \"what? its not like ...ME???? My response: \" I have lupus and scarred lungs,... "

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" ...for pneumonia? Can you get vaccines with lupus? Pneumovax doesn't cover the \"walking ...which causes the super dangerous... "

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" The Flu... (page 2) MK, I had bacterial pneumonia in 2008 and had a portion of my Left ...scar tissue. We are all wondering now if it was Lupus all along as it presented like cancer and they... "

" my opinion. Some of the medications we take to treat lupus suppress our immune system. Which in turn we do not want to be around people who are sick. I'm on Methotrexate 35mg sub Q... "

" ...tests can pick up if it is bacterial, viral or other. I have lupus and it put me in hospital last year with bacterial Pneumonia (They misdiagnosed it as viral for the 1st 2 days and no meds... "

" Hi Ladies ((((((((((Roxanne)))))))))) I hope it is all just Lupus stuff. That can drive anxiety through the roof. One ...think I have developed mild bacterial pneumonia (which has put me in... "

" ...advice I do get pain in ribs but pleurisy Whilest having the urine infections there were red one knew I had Lupus, it was put down to a virus and bacterial pneumonia and a very ... "

" ...dx'd this way? I have Active EBV (Epstein Barr Virus), Hypothroidism, Myco Plasma point I had bacterial pneumonia that was never ...telling me I had possible TIA's, MS work ups, Lupus... "

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" ...mono Freshman year ...from Cheerleading (1984), another positive Mono Freshman year college 2nd pregnancy (2004), Bacterial Pneumonia and lung surgery (2008) and then Lupus, EBV and P... "

" ...goes away. In patients with bacterial pneumonia or rheumatic fever, pleurisy typically ...or connective tissue disease (like Lupus), the chest pain of pleurisy... "

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