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Bacterial Infection

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bacterial infectious disease. This article deals with human pathogenic bacteria.Although the vast majority of bacteria are harmless or...
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Common Bacterial Infection treatments discussed around the web
Flagyl 692 Amoxicillin 647 Cipro 540
64,958 conversations around the web about Bacterial Infection to help you make a decision
64,958 conversations around the web about Bacterial Infection to help you make a decision
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Bacterial Infection & Stretch Marks

0.02% of the posts that mention Bacterial Infection also mention Stretch Marks (16 posts)
Bacterial Infection
Stretch Marks
We found 16 discussions
" ...4 weeks due to a bacterial infection after going to a water ...lines are similar to the stretch marks on my penis but these ...the skin and can cause stretch marks. Also my wife has been... "

" ...I went today because the stretch marks on my tummy have an itchy rash/raised spots on them and could be a bacterial infection, because the skin gets ...cos I also have a water infection... "

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" beacause of two things (1)Stretch marks (2)Lyme disease due to some bacterial infection ... stretch marks May be may not be.....Though i am not obese ,there a little mass... "

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"'s status is). I have found there's a lot to do to help prevent a cold from turning into a bacterial infection. Nutritional support was my ...I ran across stretch marks (whenever in life,... "

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" ...sound like stretch marks to me. You don't have to be fat to get stretch marks, they just ...them. Has anyone checked you for a yeast infection? Did ...a chronic bacterial infection (like... "

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" ...image. Pls check again. Stretch marks may have some creases ...should be worried about. Stretch marks are benign conditions and ...a fungal infection or bacterial infection cause the skin to... "

" ...few times too I have a collection of scars on my side niw which have nicely turned into stretch marks. Best thing is to keep ...x They are generally a bacterial infection but if worsen can tu... "

" ...some ppl get during pregnancy will also fade off. Stretch marks won't totally disappear but will become light streaks on ...hospitalised for a viral and bacterial infection when he was 6. I've... "

" ...dryness etc.) and will help with the chance of stretch marks. it will help constipation which causes hemmroids :o / ...the itching, could be a bacterial infection, which is no big deal,... "

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" ...go swimming!? Everyone has scars, stretch marks, etc...even at your age. It's ...want to hide your self harming scars? You do it ...get infected or get a bacterial infection like MRSA? No, yo... "

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