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Baclofen (brand names Kemstro, Lioresal, and Gablofen) is a derivative of gamma-aminobutyric acid. It is primarily u...
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Baclofen for Spasms
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Does Baclofen cause Insomnia ?

Insomnia is a known side effect of Baclofen
#5 in Baclofen discussions - 1,149 posts discuss Insomnia with Baclofen. Insomnia is #5 concern in Baclofen discussions.
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problems sleeping.I would definately speak to your D...
" Hi WaterRabbit, I just got off of baclofen. It was given to me for 6 weeks as medication therapy so my rhumitologist could get medicaid to pay for my MRI's and EMG's. I got drowsy on it and... "

keep me awake at night. It does make me a little drowsy...
" Have been taking Baclofen (on & off) for a few years... I used to think that it wasn't helping much, but every time I come off it, my legs are so stiff and I get horrid... "

afraid my insomnia may be due to the Baclofen, which is a...
" 2:30am. I'm afraid my insomnia may be due to the Baclofen, which is a shame as... "

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aclofen also as I had gotten EXTREME insomnia from it. W...
" ...happy for you that clonidine is doing great things for you. Unfortunately it was not so for me. In the middle of my two year stint with baclofen in the late ‘90’s, my neuro had me take... "

had acid like effect,hallucinations,mixed euphoria/paranoia...
" ...stomach.I prefer low dose baclofen which is very similar to phenibut,minus the nausea.Too much baclofen gives me insomnia,closed eyed visuals and some nausea.I overdosed a couple times on baclofen... "

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insomnia since tapering down on the baclofen. I feel fine....
" ...drunk or on high dose baclofen) and have noticed a return of my insomnia since tapering down on the baclofen. I feel fine. but often don't sleep more than 5 hours and ...\"light\" as well. Anyone else... "

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clofen I started having extreme insomnia. The head nu...
" ...Early on when I was taking Baclofen I started having extreme insomnia. The head nurse at the MS clinic said the insomnia wasn't a result of the Baclofen BUT when I eventually saw neuro, she said... "

insomnia & I've read that Baclofen can cause this. C...
" Questions about Baclofen & Gabapentin I'm supposed to taking 10mg/4 x's/day of Baclofen & 100mg/4 x's/day of Gabapentin. ...I work nights. Recently I've been suffering from insomnia & I've read that... "

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baclofen for 2 years and gotten EXTREME insomnia - slept on...
" ...Every body is different but here is what worked for me. Had been on baclofen for 2 years and gotten EXTREME insomnia - slept one hour every 24 hours. Went off this med - didn't... "

et on baclofen but have a hard time sleeping when I take m...
" ...back and I am getting constant deep muscle spasm. ..I recently had surgery to remove parathyroid adenoma and I am sure that put more gas on the flame. I am trying to get on baclofen but have a hard... "

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