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Baclofen is taken for: Spasms Spasticity Nerve Pain Cramping More


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Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
*Off Label
Baclofen (brand names Kemstro, Lioresal, and Gablofen) is a derivative of gamma-aminobutyric acid. It is primarily u...
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Baclofen for Spasms
45,980 conversations around the web about Baclofen to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Baclofen and compared it to other Spasms medications
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6 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Baclofen cause Drowsy ?

Drowsy is a known side effect of Baclofen
#4 in Baclofen discussions - 1,022 posts discuss Drowsy with Baclofen. Drowsy is #4 concern in Baclofen discussions.
We found 1,022 discussions
" ...(on & off) for a few years... I used to think that it wasn't helping much, but every time I come off it, my legs are so stiff and I get horrid cramps, which keep me a... "

" ...effect I ever had from the baclofen was drowsiness..but, that was when... "

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" ...made me very drowsy. After about 2 weeks my body adjusted it and the the feeling passed. Stick with it the drug... "

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" ...and Baclofen at the ...of whack. Stop taking the zanaflex and they're back to normal. On max dose of baclofen and yeah it can make you drowsy. It's been ... "

" I have had long periods (months to years) with ...tizanadine (Zanaflex) as it (and Baclofen) can cause fatigue / sleepiness / lightheadedness. But the periods... "

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" ...on Baclofen for almost two weeks and it seems it hasn't helped at all. I am going to ask about upping my dosage this coming week. I am just afraid taking more will cause even more drowsiness. I... "

" ...the doctors thought about a baclofen pump for Jordan? If not, ask them about. Give intrathecal, Baclofen can control his spasticity ...also make him drowsy, but with baclofen on... "

" Dear H, When I was first put on bacofen it made me drowsy but not since. If you have trouble sleeping try amitriptyline, it really helped me and if I don't... "

" ...Mum has only just started the Baclofen and became extremely drowsy on her first dose ... "

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" ...stroke if you suddenly stop Baclofen, especially if you take a high dose of it. The only problem I have had with Baclofen is drowsiness, which can be annoying, especially if you are trying... "

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