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Back Pain

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Back pain (also known as dorsalgia) is pain felt in the human back that usually originates from the muscles, nerves, bones, join...
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Common Back Pain treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 10,208 Ibuprofen 8,259 Acetaminophen 5,593
1,024,195 conversations around the web about Back Pain to help you make a decision
1,024,195 conversations around the web about Back Pain to help you make a decision
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Back Pain & Neurological Examination

We found 20 discussions
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" ...compression . Do you experience any back pain or numbness ? Any recent ...a neurologist do a thorough neurological examination on you. Good... "

Post from
" ...any injury? Do you have any back pain associated with this problem? I would suggest you should get a neurological examination done by a neurologist.... "

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" suffering from Acute Mechanical Backache (Back pain less than 6 week duration) ...these region. Perform a detailed neurological examination of lower limb for spine... "

" ...Thanks for posting your query. Pain in back and lower limb seems to orthopaedician for clinical and neurological examination. You may get Xray /MRI... "

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" ...the reports you have posted, the lipoma appears to be ...explain your symptoms of backaches, numbness and tingling. I a neurosurgeon. A complete neurological examination may be needed. ... "

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" ...confirmed by a normal neurological examination by your physician. Any abnoramlities on the neurological examination need to be followed ...peripheral nerve disorder . Back pain that radiated... "

" for the question. Back pain and pain in general, then a complete neurological examination would be useful and ...some people use lyrica, neurontin, TCA's and other medications... "

" due to various causes. Back pain and current like sensation could ...spondylosis. You need a detailed neurological examination in order to determine the... "

Post from
" ...multiple times in the back, chest and belly, with back pain on palpation, without a full spine immobilization, probably the ...not know how to do a neurological examination, as I did with my... "

" Hi Ken...My husband has ALS. Dec. 2003 he had ...who thought it was just Back pain with a slight bulging disk, ...Spinal Tap and MRI thorough neurological examination in Phila******a, PA. Go to... "

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