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Back Pain

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Back pain (also known as dorsalgia) is pain felt in the human back that usually originates from the muscles, nerves, bones, join...
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Common Back Pain treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 10,106 Ibuprofen 8,146 Acetaminophen 5,537
1,013,825 conversations around the web about Back Pain to help you make a decision
1,013,825 conversations around the web about Back Pain to help you make a decision
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Back Pain & Crawling Sensation

0.23% of the posts that mention Crawling Sensation also mention Back Pain (79 posts)
Crawling Sensation
Back Pain
We found 79 discussions
" ...did Neurontin do? I was given 100mg/3 daily but saw no effects and stopped it. I have a severely re-herniated disc at L5S1 and am avoiding fusion. I've gotten the pain in ...the formication on... "

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" I'm with you, too! My back is hurting and I get over stimulated and tired really easily. ...husband's gentle touches or soft kisses. They made my skin crawl! lol I'm really starting to get that way... "

" ...had a withdrawal symptom one. I'm currently trying to quit loritabs and I'm struggling hard. Tried to quit cold turkey and found that I can't do it. I'm tappering down slowly. The shakes, the skin ... "

" ...epidural has helped the back pain and that the Fentanyl patches aren't necessary at the moment. Assuming that it is withdrawal, I would treat it as I would the flu. ...the skin crawling... "

" my back make my skin crawl you feel it rolling round ...i feel it!!!!! although im deffo not lol. my back hurts so bad at times and my legs ache, shooting pains in me bum crude but true,... "

" ...SWIM has been prescribed hydrocodone for back pain / migraines. SWIM used ...the other day, had a nose bleed the next day and has been getting a creepy under skin crawling feeling. It feels l... "

" back pain hi, i have had a crawling sensation on the left side of my back for about 3 months now. i went to the doctor when i first had... "

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" face I also have a crawling sensation in my feet. I ...nerve as I do have some back pain also. I have been ...drained and generally tired. Could this be a deficiency of some king maybe ... "

" ...on a trip is bc it would make my skin crawl to have him do it. One year he picked ...floor. It was a NIGHTMARE. OTOH - bc of my back pain, he will willingly drive 90% of that same 14... "

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" ...slightly uncomfortable i get pretty bad pain in my back and ribs. Would this ...about 3 weeks after stopping buprenorphine. Also still not much improvment with skin crawling in my arms or sl... "

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