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Baby Shampoo is taken for: Cradle Cap Itching Eczema Blepharitis Pinkeye More

Baby Shampoo

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Other names: Ocusoft, Eucerin
Method of use: Shampoo
Prescribing mode: OTC
Baby shampoo is formulated so that it is less irritating to the human eyes than regular shampoo. Most contain sodium trideceth sulfat...
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Baby Shampoo for Cradle Cap
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We analyzed what people said about Baby Shampoo and compared it to other Cradle Cap medications
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Baby Shampoo & Sinus Rinse

We found 21 discussions
" ...issues. I only usually get sick once or twice a ...of germs), but when I do, it is immediately a sinus infection. I add a couple of drops of baby shampoo to my sinus rinse (I love the Neilmed ... "

" ...that have worked for me. Inhaling steam is great before a sinus rinse to loosen things up, and I think works better than a hot ...better. Also, I've used the baby shampoo and the Alkalol... "

" ...down the soap isle due to all the smells. However, I have been using baby shampoo for my sinus rinse. It is known to TEMPORARLY take away your sense of smell. Anyway, I... "

" ...a new treatment for it that feels (so far... ) promising. Just put some j&j baby shampoo in my nielmed sinus rinse, Now things are moving. I have not had my sinus clear themselves in... "

" ...I make up a sinus rinse with 1 cup water, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp baby shampoo, put just what I'm going to use immediately in my tiny ...Make sure doc has checked you for pneumonia, sinus infectio... "

" ...tried the 1% Johnsons baby shampoo mixed with the usual 240 ml sinus rinse on the advice of reason. Before using the baby shampoo, I was only ...don't know if/how the baby shampoo play... "

" ...they put the baby shampoo in bothered his sinus stuff. Someone also recently posted in the adult section about a sinus rinse she was using called Alkalol that she found helpful. I t... "

" ...recommends a drop of baby shampoo in sinus rinses. Also, ...of drops in my sinus rinse in addition to the baby shampoo and salt... "

" My ENT also suggested adding a bit of baby shampoo to my sinus rinse once a day. I do it in the morning and it seems to get out some of the big chunks. Having been told about 18 years ago by an... "

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" ...some studies done on baby shampoo rinses in post-sinus surgery patients. So... I done my first sinus rinse with baby shampoo tonight. I put 2 ml in the 240 ml sinus rinse bottle. It was... "

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