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Sore Throat

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Ask a question
Common Sore Throat treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 6,237 Acetaminophen 4,357 Ibuprofen 2,950
418,878 conversations around the web about Sore Throat to help you make a decision
418,878 conversations around the web about Sore Throat to help you make a decision
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Babesia & Sore Throat

We found 26 discussions
" are you doing? How is the IV treatment going? Has the sore throat gone away? I am still ...taking the Malarone for Babesia and right after I ...Do you know if the babesia treatment would ... "

" ...have Bart and I have a sore throat all the time! I haven't ...and can also hit babesia. When did your ca... "

" ...Babesia, his CD57 test is low (33) and she believes he has a protozoa. He will continue the half dose of Doxy until the 16 and then go to the 200mg a day every other day. He is doing a salt bat... "

" ...tested for such as, Lyme, Babesia, Erichliosis, Bartonella, Mycoplasma, Chlamydia Pnumoniae, ...or you wouldn't be having sore throats, swollen glands... It seems out... "

" ...issues as well. I get a stiffness/pressure in the muscles/tendons in ...chin and cheeks. I have an ongoing sore throat that is unlike sore throats due to colds, etc. It's ...issues, do you... "

" problem. I have babesia and that is why just made my mouth sore inside. I agree ...some good thoughts. My sore throat is a little better this afternoon. Once I take the Ketek though... "

" ...of feet (although she said this can also be babesia sometimes) stomach aches sore throats (stomach and throat pain, she said, b/c bart. affects the lymph glands, and... "

Post from
" ...can cause stomach issues and sore throat. Babesia can cause the chest pain. ...enema will bring relief. This video explains how you can relieve some of the pain by massaging the colon.... "

" ...those other symptoms sound like Babesia ...which I have and is treated with Mepron and Doxy together. I finally lost the chills, sore throat etc and feel like the... "

" Bartonella or Babesia Sorry for so many posts ...this bart or babs?? urge to cough but no horrendous coughing episodes jerking movements when trying to sleep itchy ...both at the same time) sore... "

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