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(Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo)
Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is a disorder caused by problems in the inner ear. Its symptoms are repeated episode...
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9,053 conversations around the web about BPPV to help you make a decision
9,053 conversations around the web about BPPV to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating BPPV

BPPV & Palpitations

0.46% of the posts that mention BPPV also mention Palpitations (42 posts)
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We found 42 discussions
" ...a doctor. I have had friends and relatives who imbibed such mixtures to find themselves in the hospital for dizziness and heart problems due to a racing heart beat. When I ...I have BPPV and... "

" ...scared with my heart racing. I have this ...were you diagnosed with BPPV and MAV? Thank you. PS-I have heard the anti-depressants have helped people overcome some because of it calming their ... "

" ...When I mention my vertigo episode from last ...same thing. \"Oh I get dizzy too.\" I want ...about the room spinning and your heart racing and CT scans and MRIs.\" I have BPPV too ... "

" ...are... and it messes with your balance. I've had both kinds of BPPV... the kind where the loose particle is in a caused by anxiety, I got it when my palpitations used to cause me anxiety... "

" ...I was diagnosed by an ENT a few months ago with BPPV(Vertigo) and he sent me home to do head maneuvers. They did get rid of the true vertigo but not ...aura, I have heart palpitations, I feel fl... "

" weigh me down. I have been having dizzy spells have passed out 1 it is full, heart racing at times, just plain ...she told me I had benign positional vertigo. I am not convinced ... "

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" ...think I had BPPV but my GP ...retrain my balance. I will also be having further physiotherapy and breathing therepy to prevent the palpitations and breathlessness I get with attacks. I hope thi... "

" ...he doesn't think it is benign positional vertigo. Her ears and sinuses are ...suspects that she has an irregular heartbeat that is causing ...bit because dd had some palpitations today and y... "

" ...had bouts of BPPV through ...taken Meclizine, but that just makes me just as dizzy, but I don't care as much feeling. I've gone to a PT, but they didn't help a ...I suffer from rapid heart be... "

" hearing and for BPPV. I was diagnosed with BPPV (hearing was fine) and ...said I was having a somewhat fast heartbeat. Had an echo. Nothing ...time anyone has known a patient to be dizzy b... "

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