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(Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo)
Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is a disorder caused by problems in the inner ear. Its symptoms are repeated episode...
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9,066 conversations around the web about BPPV to help you make a decision
9,066 conversations around the web about BPPV to help you make a decision
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BPPV & High Blood Pressure

0.57% of the posts that mention BPPV also mention High Blood Pressure (52 posts)
High Blood Pressure
We found 52 discussions
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" ...ben told that I have BPPV. my symtoms are as follows, ...after my spells, I have high blood pressure and a irreagular heart rate, I get sick when I am dizzy, and movement by others... "

" ...year, I've had problems with BPPV. That's when little pieces of calcium break off in your inner ear and cause dizziness. Luckily, it ...also had to begin medication for high blood pressure las... "

" ...the various tablets that you are taking s-numblo is for hypertension,vertilac is for BPPV, cortimax is a steroid , antihistaminic (antiallergic) S-numblo ia amlodipine with not many side e... "

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" ...the last year and I doubt any of them were correct (BPPV, cervicogenic, anxiety, and stuff was getting started, I was on Lisinopril-HCTZ and Norvasc for high blood pressure. Mind you, bac... "

" ...been taking Betaloc for years in various strengths and also have tinnitus - have had that for years too.I was told once that tinnitus and high BP often... "

" ...syndrome). I do get dizzy on occasion, but I have been diagnosed with Benign Positional vertigo, high blood pressure. I have had MRI's ...back. I do have degenerative disc disease in one of... "

" on12.5 metoprolol and 5 mg valium. I have felt sick, nervous and dizzy ...the emergency room. I have never had high blood pressure. ER room said I had benign positional vertigo. Dr says to ke... "

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" ...DR last fall and everything was fine with my eyes. As for the high BP, I've been borderline high for the last several years, but it came down ...went to the DR last month and was diagnosed wi... "

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" ...of things such as benign positional vertigo which comes in waves ...on its own. THe high blood pressure in itself can cause symptoms due to the high blood pressure which can manifest ... "

" Welcome to Healthcare Magic Your BPPV is not related to ovarian cyst. Dizziness can be due to low/high BP which needs to be check up. The low BP can be due to many reasons which can be found out by... "

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