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BONE Spurs

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Ask a question
Osteophytes, commonly referred to as bone spurs, are bone projections that form along joint margins. They should not be confused...
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34,556 conversations around the web about BONE Spurs to help you make a decision
34,556 conversations around the web about BONE Spurs to help you make a decision
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BONE Spurs & X-Rays

We found 3,970 discussions
" Ok, my consultant is washing out the joint, getting rid of them pesky bone spurs. From the xray he says I don't have OA. However I am confused as apart from the spurs, I have noticeable... "

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" Is there any kind of natural treatment, vitamins, food or anything that will disolve the bone spurs? In addition to my fibro ...showing up on the x-ray. Does anyone have these?... "

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" ...several years. Then an xray revealed a bone spur ...firm green apple. I heard a crack, felt a very tollerable pain and was miraculously cured! I had broken off the bone spur and my... "

" Where were your bone spurs located and what was the treatment? I have a bone spur reaching upward on my Achilles heel. The pain is ...produce stress. The doctor took X-rays, gave me a shot, and... "

" ...were your bone spurs located and what was the treatment? I had shoulder pain for several months ...for inflammation and X-rays, I finally decided ...cuff surgery, the bone spurs were discover... "

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" Treatment for bone spur - trying to avoid surgery ...and learned that I have a bone spur on my right toe, likely have it healed. The x-rays were very clear and the... "

" ...headaches an xray showed that C3 is growing a bone spur down over the top of my titanium plate. Surgeon said that is what is causing pain and wants to take plate out and get rid of bone spur. I... "

" ...Does anyone have any input on the Hip Bone Spurs..........cures, relief, ...Tues. I just want him to do surgery at this point and get rid of the \"Wrecking My Life\" Bone Spur...........I am... "

" just restoring height. if necessary he can get rid of things like bone spurs that are pressing on the ...scoliosis. as for an xray while you are standing ...necessary to take the xray... "

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" ...spur--neck I had an x-ray ...The x-ray showed I had a bone spur. Do you know what... "

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