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BONE Spurs

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Osteophytes, commonly referred to as bone spurs, are bone projections that form along joint margins. They should not be confused...
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34,416 conversations around the web about BONE Spurs to help you make a decision
34,416 conversations around the web about BONE Spurs to help you make a decision
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BONE Spurs & Sinus Headaches

0.03% of the posts that mention Sinus Headaches also mention BONE Spurs (10 posts)
Sinus Headaches
BONE Spurs
We found 10 discussions
" ...get more refills authorized. I did get my Claritin refilled though and that is really helping to prevent the sinus headaches. I also got my ...not severe so I doubt it is a bone spur. The pai... "

" ...actually had his secretary tell me (after several messages that he did not return) that I needed to go back to my regular dr because its not sinus related. I have no doubt that my headaches are si... "

" do surgery. I have a bone spur on one side, deviated septum, ...bad. Steph My husband had it for sinus headaches and was out of work ...problem is now he has tons of sinus con... "

" ...BENADRYL SEVERE ALLERY/SINUS HEADACHE medicine-it is fab. I have a deviated septum and a bone spur which intensifys any... "

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" ...better?\" only cause of the Vicodin lol\" I really hope they figure out your headaches. I had horrible sinus headaches last year. Catscan found a bone spur in my nose. Had... "

" ...overtime again. We are currently working to get it under control. Now that I am feeling some better, I have also realized the sinus headaches I've had for ...from several bone spurs and stenos... "

" body insists on growing bone spurs in my spine and knee. ...on overreacting to some environmental substance and giving me sinus headaches, thus the need to take medicine every... "

" ...that I was having sinus headaches, so he did a ...nasal passages and remove a bone spur) and sinus surgery. That didn't ...Also, with my original question about Zoloft being stronger than Pro... "

" ...pain, except for a mild sinus headache in the recovery room, no ...chip away at a large bone spur near the base of my anesthesia. I am having a good deal of bloody discharge, but I'... "

" ...the discs including 2 bulging and 2 bone spurs. I went to PT ...back of the head/neck. I almost feel like I have a sinus headache but no breathing issues. I fell down the steps... "

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