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BONE Spurs

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Ask a question
Osteophytes, commonly referred to as bone spurs, are bone projections that form along joint margins. They should not be confused...
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34,580 conversations around the web about BONE Spurs to help you make a decision
34,580 conversations around the web about BONE Spurs to help you make a decision
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BONE Spurs & Joint Replacement

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" ...arthritic MTP joints (not bunions), from scraping off the bone spurs, shortening the toe bones, joint fusion, or full blown joint replacement? What was your range of motion afterwards? Were you... "

" really do have Femoral Acetabular Impingement (that's the bone spur on your femoral neck impinging your acetabular labrum), it's ...the end point is total joint replacement at a young age. .... "

" I just had toe joint replacement on Jan. 5. I also a bunionectomy and bone spurs shaved off. This has the worst surgery I have ever had. I am still in bed and can't hardly do anything... "

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" ...85% of all connective tissue along w/chronic bersitus and bone spurs needed removed... So now I need a total reverse joint replacement... I would suggest you look into PT first since... "

" ...tendon repairs and removal of bone spurs and synovectomies, etc. so i am aware... I wanted to know how successful joint replacement of the hands are., But I got a good... "

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" Has anyone had a total joint replacement... I had a total joint replacement about 5 years ago and arthroscopies to remove bone spurs. Finally 5 years ago, ...the hospital and no pain and ... "

" ...the joints, stiffness, loss of flexibility, bone spurs and severe swelling. Pain management and joint replacement surgery are the typical means... "

" ...I've suffered horrible TMJ over the past several ...decreasing in size and creating bone spurs. I've seen one surgeon who ...think I need a total joint replacement. I know about all the... "

" ...february 2010 to remove a bone spur from the first metatarsal. Although my gate has changed to compensate the pain. I am only been advised that a joint replacement is my next opt... "

" ...surgeons. They all told me it was arthritis. Like other joints in ...with it, you could develop bone spurs on the top of the ...up facing major surgery like joint replacement or joint fusion... "

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