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B Complex is taken for: Anemia Neuropathy Vitamin Deficiency

B Complex

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Method of use: Injection, Pill
*Off Label
Category: Dietary supplement
B vitamins are a group of water-soluble vitamins that play important roles in Cell (biology) metabolism. The B vitamins were once t...
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B Complex for Anemia
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Based on medical discussions around the web

What people say about B Complex and Vaginal Discharge ?

#263 in B Complex discussions - 9 posts discuss Vaginal Discharge with B Complex.
We found 9 discussions
" ...after roughly day 15. The vaginal discharge was watery, greenish/tan went away after day 15 and ...3 mos! I take Valtrex 500mg daily, and ...all of that. I take a B complex vitamin daily. S... "

" Brown vaginal discharge Only today this morning when I went to the related to cervical and endometris cancer. I am on vitamine B complex and taking tamoxfin. I completed one year from my... "

" in preparation for pushing) Increased Vaginal Discharge Baby Dropping (into pelvic position) ...during the process. Also maybe take a little extra B-Complex vitamin to boost your energ... "

" partner and I have a thin vaginal discharge, an itchy outside, as well ...pee but is not a bladder or kidney infection, the outside is ...daily, fish oil and vitamin B complex. I have goo... "

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" ...on urine and b complex: As for extended/slow release B-complex supplement. Ironically, niacin ...sure on the vaginal discharge, but you m... "

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" B-Complex 50, Weird Side Effects/Right Amount? Hi, I'm not currently ...month ago I was taking a B-50 complex every day. I'm not going to sound, my vaginal discharge got really thick and ... "

" ...I have dizziness, cramps in my lower abdomen, slight vaginal discharge (white) and itchy feet and palms. I feel very ...Also I have been taking B-Complex pills for the past 10... "

" Hi, Welcome to HCM, Vaginal Discharge with bad odor, usually indicates Infection in Vagina. iThe ...etc. I do not think that B Complex is the cause of smelly... "

" ...feel better once you know the status. Regarding the vaginal discharge, it may occur in the latter part of a ...You can also try some B complex or pancreatic enzyme tablets that... "

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