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Aveeno is taken for: Eczema Itching Acne Rash Dry Skin Burn More


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Method of use: Ointment
Prescribing mode: OTC
Aveeno is a manufacturer of skin care and hair care products in the United States and is a subsidiary of United States consumer goods ...
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Aveeno for Eczema
70,183 conversations around the web about Aveeno to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Aveeno and compared it to other Eczema medications
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8 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Aveeno & Eczema

11,157 discussions around the web mention both
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We found 11,160 discussions
" ...for eczema and it works really good on Michael.I can't use Aveeno, it burns my skin so I don't put it on my kids either just in case. I use... "

" ...thoUght it could be eczema. I put aveeno for eczema on her face and it went... "

" ...bad, I guess Reece got it too. I think I'll call the pedi tomorrow and see if she has any suggestions. Ugh me too I hate it!! I use the aveeno for eczema and it works really good ... "

" ...bad, and sometimes her skin looks great; all within the same day. I didn't use lotion for the first month or so because she was so young, but now I've been using Aveeno lotion for Eczema and... "

" ...bother Rosie. J&J baby wash caused her to have eczema spots on her back, as did Aveeno. I used the Aveeno Lotion for eczema and it helped keep it from flaring up. Well I picked up some Baby Magic... "

" ...eczema cream' is really good. so i tried it but i feel that it only made it worse. so i switched back to aveeno ...she has A LOT of hair so i cant really aviod it and she always scratches her he... "

" ...eczema too. She randomly ...The Aveeno Eczema treatment lotion has worked really well for DD. We als... "

" ...they have a bath soak, a body soap, and a lotion. it worked amazingly. her eczema seriousl... "

" ...have had eczema all of my life in the winter. Aveeno's eczema therapy works really well... "

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" ...whatever he had got infected(staph) turns out it was eczema all along. We find Aveeno eczema works best for... "

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