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Method of use: Injection
Prescribing mode: Rx
Bevacizumab (trade name Avastin, Genentech/Hoffmann?La Roche|Roche) is a drug that blocks angiogenesis, the growth of new blood ...
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Avastin for Cancer
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Does Avastin cause Sinus Headaches ?

#218 in Avastin discussions - 9 posts discuss Sinus Headaches with Avastin. Sinus Headaches is #218 concern in Avastin discussions.
We found 9 discussions
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" ...Avastin is a runny nose that has blood in it when I blow. I don't have the bp issue or bloody noses. Sometimes I wi... "

" ...congestion is caused by Avastin. I get it after ...are also a known Avastin side effect. The worst part for me is getting a sinus headache from it or the internal portion of my nose getting... "

" ...appreciate your insight. The main side effects with Avastin we saw were chronic sinus problems (some sinus headache and drainage), climbing blood ...course we wonder if the Avastin was actually... "

" ...Avastin Arimidex & Nosebleeds I am on Avastin & Arimidex every other ...about all day. I've tried saline spray with practically no help. I take one ...and that helps sinus headache a litt... "

" ...goes well, and that your sore throat is gone right away. My sinuses have been congested, with a sinus headache and sore through for 8 ...discussion about going off the Avastin for awhile due to ... "

Post from
" ...on your own....I, too, had horrible high pressure with Avastin maintainence. It took them a ...who had this issue with Avastin. Not a lot of ...out yet if there are Avastin headaches separa... "

" ...11 Gemzar and 4 Avastin making my grand total...29 ...the top of my feet hurt severely at nil..I am also suffering from sinus headache crap..I was blaming that on the Avastin or maybe t... "

" ...5/23 schedule ever since. I also take my IV Avastin every 2 weeks in that schedule. I have not ...remember WHEN I had one. I used to get sinus headaches a lot until 2 years ago when I went... "

" ...change. I used to get sinus headaches all the time. I switched ...MONTHS since I had a sinus headache even. The hammer fell on ...and also put me on IV Avastin to help cut down on... "

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