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Autopsy + Cholesterol

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Ask a question
29 conversations around the web about Autopsy + Cholesterol to help you make a decision
29 conversations around the web about Autopsy + Cholesterol to help you make a decision
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Autopsy & Cholesterol

We found 29 discussions
" ...line. Here they are: I have to admit ...numbers. After his death the vegan ...for not posting autopsy results as... "

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" ...The second case is probably cholesterol emboli. The 1st case was presented ...died after angiography and had autopsy... "

" ...strangled can kill you. Having cholesterol emboli dislodged from a fat guy's ...nice if the coronor's autopsy report was definitive enough ...reason police departments have banned choke hol... "

" ...cholesteryl oleate refers to the cholesterol olive oil comples...a monounsaturated oil we know ...seen by the eye on autopsy and are present in a... "

" ...he had a massive coronary. His autopsy revealed that one of his ...the weeks prior to his death. Fixx had a genetic cholesterol problem that he ignored. He didn't want to take... "

" ...Even so, there was an autopsy and it was written up ...public presentation of Robert Atkins' autopsy. As to my own preference ...diets lower everything. A total cholesterol under 170 mg/dl... "

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" ...medication to control high blood pressure or cholesterol? Or blood thinners if he ...on his treadmill. His blood pressure and cholesterol levels were normal. Only during the autopsy did they ... "

" ...with hyperthyroidism(from overmedication). My cholesterol was 269. Is ...Unsuspected Illness\" that he said on autopsy those with hyperthyroidism always had... "

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" ...gallstones. The first two references describe autopsy results with intrahepatic stones. The ...*after gallbladder was removed*. They consisted of cholesterol solids formed around clumps of... "

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" ...and only one of them had any atheromatous streaking (cholesterol plaques) its doubtful that it was HCM or LVH ...atheromatous MI- it seems the autopsy is pretty clear the heart... "

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