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(Autoimmune disorder)
Common Autoimmune treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 9,992 Methotrexate 4,093 Plaquenil 3,373
318,305 conversations around the web about Autoimmune to help you make a decision
318,305 conversations around the web about Autoimmune to help you make a decision
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Autoimmune & Yeast Infection

0.33% of the posts that mention Yeast Infection also mention Autoimmune (940 posts)
Yeast Infection
We found 939 discussions
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" ...against its own body so much. That's why they are using this on IC...some researchers believe IC is an autoimmune disease. I think it might be, too, since I have a positive ANA test. My ear... "

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" ...yeast overgrowth. She too has an autoimmune disorder so is not your normal ...Who knows? Not me. All I know is that treating the yeast infection with oregano oil and grapefruit... "

" ...and have uses topical steroid ointments as well. If you don't want to risk it use monistat for the yeast infection and desatin diaper cream for the ventouse. I am not in a medical field but I have... "

" ...came back normal. They did say however that I have a yeast infection so to treat that. I woke up this morning and all day still achy and crampy.... Have ...P.s I have an autoimmune disorder and... "

" Can drinking wine cause yeast infections? I have auto-immune issues and I just got another yeast infection. I have a rash under ...doomed??? I'm reading about yeast infections and I'm wondering ... "

" ...well but recently after getting diagnosed with an autoimmune disease I started getting monthly yeast infections, bleeding outside of my normal cycles and longer more painful periods. It still... "

" ...weird but you can insert an adophollius capsule and it'll treat the yeast infection and maintain proper vaginal PH. I get frequent yeast infections because of an auto-immune disease I have.... "

" ...(pilocarpine--generic and available) and it stimulates enough saliva to help with the dryness and burning. Not a complete cure but definitely helps. For me the mouth wash and toothpaste offer nothi... "

Post from
" ...a 4 month candida cleanse which involves a healthy but restrictive diet and some supplements. I am hoping it has a positive effect on other areas of my health as well. There is some evidence of c... "

" lupus,\" \"that's rheumatoid arthritis.\" I'm patiently awaiting the treatment of yet another yeast infection to be over before ...2002 was the beginning of my autoimmune nightmare. I didn'... "

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