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(Autoimmune disorder)
Common Autoimmune treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 9,860 Methotrexate 4,052 Plaquenil 3,341
315,217 conversations around the web about Autoimmune to help you make a decision
315,217 conversations around the web about Autoimmune to help you make a decision
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Autoimmune & Stiff Fingers

0.83% of the posts that mention Stiff Fingers also mention Autoimmune (12 posts)
Stiff Fingers
We found 12 discussions
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" Any number of autoimmune diseases could cause stiff fingers, even just plain old osteoarthritis. ...really great success with my own arthritic autoimmune disease by follow The Paleo Diet,... "

" ...female and have been having top of the head headaches off and on for ...and pain in my fingers, stiffness in my feet upon ...and I have osteopenia (both auto-immune diseases) I believe that i... "

" ...How long have you had the trouble with stiff fingers at night? How long does ...distinguish between different sorts of autoimmune disorders. Do your fingers look different/red/thickened... "

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" ...I wake up with tight, stiff fingers and calves, which makes ...Vitamin D. I started taking Calcium and D supplements ...sound like anything familiar? Virus? Autoimmune? Vitamin allergy? ... "

" ...are gone, except for fatigue and stiff fingers from time to time, I ...more then Todai... 9 out of 10 autoimmune/collagen patients are women, from what... "

Post from
" ...a silly rash and stiff fingers?? I don't think so. ...of my symptoms. Maybe I'm against poisoning myself and believing that other people without auto immune diseases are better than me and... "

" ...of the most heavy duty autoimmune treatments that remains non-steroidal. I ...the next thing up is Dermovate - which is a heavy ...thinly. And if you have stiff fingers or week hands you will... "

Post from
" ...a similar autoimmune disease with IgA and ...with severe swollen and stiff fingers. I quit smoking and ...lot better but the swollen/stiff fingers still persist. My Rheumatolo... "

" ...but I usually wake with stiff fingers - I soak them in the moment it's my auto-immune arthritis to the fore thanks ...of arthritis affect us. My auto-immune (psoriatic arthritis) began... "

" ...6 months I have been waking up with really stiff fingers and being awoken from sleep with these joints really ...I tested positive to some auto immune test and had a slight... "

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