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(Autoimmune disorder)
Common Autoimmune treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 9,853 Methotrexate 4,046 Plaquenil 3,340
315,092 conversations around the web about Autoimmune to help you make a decision
315,092 conversations around the web about Autoimmune to help you make a decision
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Autoimmune & Sinus Problems

0.56% of the posts that mention Sinus Problems also mention Autoimmune (276 posts)
Sinus Problems
We found 276 discussions
" ...ME). Do you have sinus problems? Not anymore (maybe ME fixed this??) Do you have autoimmune disease also? I had complication usually only seen in autoimmune conditions so dr thinks... "

" ...sinus problems all my life, ...and was just diagnosed with crohn's. It's interesting to ...This is also an autoimmune disease. Does anyone else have a second autoimmune disease? I was ... "

" ...out. Anyway: Did you have IBS before or early on ...changed diet Do you have sinus problems? Yes but better after dietary change Do you have autoimmune disease also? (Perhaps I could... "

" ...of it will be over by Monday. I have an auto-immune conditon so seem to catch colds every winter with ...ask at our pharmacy about it as I suffer with sinus problems all the time. I had to laugh... "

" the biopsy. The sinus problems should go away as the Wegs is brought under control. If you have nasal crusting and congestion perhaps ...say that they have auto immune diseases in their fa... "

" ...Neurotransmitters? Do you have sinus problems? Yes, but not sure ...machine? Do you have autoimmune disease also? (Perhaps I could ...a couple of cousins with Autoimmune diseases Do ... "

" ...out that I have lots of allergies to so many and make me feel down. What are you allergic to?? I have sinus problems to, how long have you your family have any Autoimmune Disea... "

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" ...chronic bronchitis. Since you have the autoimmune disorder too, I would highly suggest ...a doctor. I had a lot of sinus problems over the years and due to my lung disease. Please t... "

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" ...testing points to my have an autoimmune disease, but i test negative on EVERY autoimmune disease. that's why i was interested in anyone having sinus problems as consistent with CVID,... "

Post from
" ...have ever met. He is an expert in treating sinus problems ? also any voice, family have severe sinus problems related to a rare type of vasculitis (an autoimmune disease) and he has been... "

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