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(Autoimmune disorder)
Common Autoimmune treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 9,862 Methotrexate 4,053 Plaquenil 3,344
315,326 conversations around the web about Autoimmune to help you make a decision
315,326 conversations around the web about Autoimmune to help you make a decision
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Autoimmune & Muscle Enzyme

We found 37 discussions
" ...CK (muscle enzyme) on your blood, as Vit D deficiency can cause leg aches and so can muscle inflammation. Have you been checked thoroughly for autoimmune disorders? I... "

" ...see a rheumatologist and get checked for autoimmune conditions. Do you know what have CK tested, a muscle enzyme that is released when muscles the usual tests for autoimmune disea... "

" ...or red. I have an Autoimmune disease that is fairly rare. ...started to hurt. Sometimes these autoimmune disease can be jump started by tell is if your muscle enzyme levels are elevate... "

" ...sounds likely to be autoimmune. I would request a CK muscle enzyme test to be done on blood since you are having significant muscle weakness. It can be... "

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" ...factors in view of multiple sclerosis or other neurological autoimmune diseases) - Looking for your muscle enzyme Creatin kinase (CK-M). CK-M may be slightly and constantly... "

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" ...I'd jump in with some questions. So are you having your little ones get flu shots? Nolan has a muscle enzyme disease that is an autoimmune disorder (basically if he gets sick, instead of his body... "

" ...a blood TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone). There are forms of autoimmune hypothyroidism, and sometimes they begin after pregnancy. If you ...have the TSH, CRP, and CPK (muscle enzyme) done.... "

" The ck could be raised by many things,auto-immune and muscular disorders.The ck represents a muscle enzyme which can be full of inflamation. Keep trying to stretch the muscles it... "

" ...function that can be pro-inflammatory or anti-anflammatory or neutral. Muscle enzyme tests, such as LDH and CPK can indicate inflammation ...things like lupus and other autoimmune conditions.... "

" ...tests should include antithyroid antibodies to check for an autoimmune problem. I would also get a CK muscle enzyme test on blood if this fatigue is combined with... "

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