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(Autoimmune disorder)
Common Autoimmune treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 9,795 Methotrexate 4,032 Plaquenil 3,337
314,291 conversations around the web about Autoimmune to help you make a decision
314,291 conversations around the web about Autoimmune to help you make a decision
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Autoimmune & Meningitis

0.47% of the posts that mention Meningitis also mention Autoimmune (278 posts)
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We found 278 discussions
" ...the source of your meningitis? I don't know much ...curious, mainly since I have other auto immune diseases besides the Big D. HUG... "

" ...have possibly been linked to autoimmune diseases. I know a girl that had to get a meningitis vaccination to live on campus...she ...later she was diagnosed with autoimmune liver disease and was... "

" ...bacterial meningitis. It was two long weeks in hospital filled with fear for my good friend had just lost her baby six months prior to meningitis. He was ...and seizure his autoimmune system wa... "

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" ...with mono and meningitis; my energy was the never the same again... all blood ...also do have endometriosis, which has ...endo also have some sort of other 'autoimmune' disease(s), most comm... "

" ...Meningitis Hi! I am battling meningitis still ...i was hospitalized 4days ...half ago and still have headaches and low grade fever ...I am diabetic and have an auto immune disease. I am havin... "

" ...Meningitis -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi! I am battling meningitis still ...i was diabetic and have an auto immune disease. I am... "

" ...of us (one brother had meningitis but recovered). As a third ...the attention I did. In addition, my MIL has an autoimmune disease. She had a flare up when DH was born and has never... "

" ...- my mother has an autoimmune disease. Partly infection - I got meningitis which seemed to trigger my... "

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" ...Hi all my niece in law has just been diagnosed with meningitis and septicimia and hopefully ...son is now feeling unwell cough and runny nose and I also have auto immune diseases that means I ha... "

" ...the hospital with meningitis, MS has been ...of wierd, but getting meningitis turned out to be a really good thing for her. Apparently she has a whole body autoimmune disease which is... "

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